Heroes of the Storm

[Map Suggestion] Taldarim Ascension

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - [Map Suggestion] Taldarim Ascension

A Protoss-themed map that takes place before SC2 where the Cores are two massive heroes like in the Alterac Pass, except they're both reskinned Alaraks and… you can pilot them.

The objective of the map is 6 (two in each lane, one closer to each team's base) beacons that slowly spawn neutral Supplicants that are protected from access by a Spawn Room forcefield. As the match progresses beacons will "activate" by spawning in somewhere on the map two or three mercenary camps that are linked to a beacon, the Recon kind that respawn under their capping team's control and guard the camp. Capturing all of a beacon's linked camps switches the beacon to the controlling team's side, granting them passage thru the barrier and the Supplicants begin retreating back to the capping team's core. Capping a beacon slows its spawn rate by 10% for every beacon capped by that team.


When entered the Core produces a player-controlled astral projection of itself that the Supplicants all follow. Damage to the projection is taken by one of the Supplicants instead, and each Supplicant gives the projection an extra 2% damage scaling damage — a level's boost each.The projection itself is straight up a gigantic super-powered Alarak, it has the Discord Strike, Telekinesis and Lightning Surge abilities as well as the Deadly Charge and Counterstrike ults. In addition it has three activateables; Power on the 1 key, Frequency on the 2 key and Reach on the 3 key. Each has a 30 second cooldown, and when activated the next ability used consumed 1/3rd of the remaining Supplicants and grants an extra, in order, 2% damage dealt, 4% cooldown reduction or 8% ability range increase for each Supplicant consumed.If you're familiar with how ridiculous the range of Deadly Charge can be, you may note that the way this is set up it's entirely possible, depending on how many supplicants you've gotten, to get in the core and immediately have the gigantic super-powered Alarak Core you're piloting Deadly Charge across the map from the heart of your base and straight into a teamfight. It costs you a third of your power to do it, but, that's one heck of an objective roll-out.

Aaand, that's it. Giant Alarak Robot Fight with armies of Supplicants boosting their power

EDIT: Oh yeah and specifically the Supplicants dont fight. The projection gets a base increase to spell range so specifically its E out-ranges a regular Alarak's, and the Supplicants hang back at a range that allows them to lightning surge eachother's Supplicants thru eachother effectively doubling or tripling its damage if the two projections duel eachother making them particularly effective against eachother — specifically making the one with fewer supplicants have a more powerful E since the one with more supplicants would have a deeper unit-stack in his back line giving more targets to surge thru

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