Heroes of the Storm

MastersClash: The LAN

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - MastersClash: The LAN

In the beginning of February an association that called themselves the
MastersClashEU - MastersClash: The LAN

Mastersclash wanted to create a new competative experience for Heroes of the Storm.
Our idea was clear: Host a LAN Tournament in Paris at the 20th & 21th of July this year for Heroes of the Storm with up to 250 live viewers (seats).

Backed up by some well-known faces from the French scene such as Mene and Malganyr, we started our journey and along the way got the help from Khaldor, Tazzdingo, Halloween, JoyK and Hotsea.
With their help we hosted 2 succesful online series casted in various languages. This weekend (29th &30th of June) the qualifiers for the LAN will be played. Sign your team up for a chance to qualify to play at the LAN.
Sign up here

At the start, the tournament was supposed to be 100% crowdfunded, but we tried hard talking to brands to sign sponsorships to help us out. As well as the support that has come from the community, special thanks to Granit Gaming for that!

1. How much do we currently have?

We have 7000€ + Crowdfunding
The 7000€ are from :

The crowdfunding campaign is currently sitting on 4k and will remain open for atleast the qualifier weekend.
The crowdfunding campaign is used for the cashprize, so contributing to it will help the players earn more!
This is a community effort without any personal profit for any of the organisors involved. We invest in this out of passion for the HoTS community and ofcourse the game itself. If you feel the same way, be sure to contribute!


2. What are the sponsorships that help out in another way:

-Town hall of the event room (50% rent of the room for free)
-Monsters Energy (Fridges, Drinks, animations)
-Gwardbox (Computers Network Security)
-OmenByHP (12 computers & 12 computer screens)
-Scoup eSport (2 Giant Screens & small extras)
-HyperX (Headsets & noise-canceling headphones + items to give away)
-Nitro Concepts ( Gift of 16 gaming ArmChairs)

All of these sponsors are of great help to making this event happen!

3. How can I help ?

-Participate in the crowdfunding (https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8dvONvir9A)
– Sign your team up for the LAN qualifiers
-Come visit us at the LAN! (tickets)
-Join our Discord (Discord.gg/GxBzKWY)


Any contribution to the crowdfunding will up the cashprize and even give us the possibility to look to support players' travelcost to get to Paris. Find all the information here: https://www.mastersclash.eu/index.php/en/
We need you community!

On behalf of all of us,

The Masters Clash Staff

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