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Medivh needs some balancing

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Medivh needs some balancing

As a Medivh Player, I have a lot of opinions about his balancing. Most of them good; he is hands down the most fun character to play imo and his learning curve is satisfying. However, In my first few games of ranked someone banned Medvih and flamed me for the pick. That was an isolated incidence although I don't disagree with the sentiment. Medivh isn't worth building a team comp around him even though he kind of necessitates the team to do that.

My suggestion is that Medivh needs some tweeks to his kit to make him able to be either a true support or an assassin given the talent build so he can be more adaptive to different comps. These are just my opinions on what I think would make him more functional, feedback is welcome although I might be the only person who cares lol.

Talent Reordering as well as New Talents



Level 1:

  1. Wings of Celerity
  2. Raven's Intellect (Rework)
  3. Raven's Gaze (Rework of Dust of Appearance)
  4. Portal Mastery


Raven's Intellect (rework):

Healing Fountains fully restore Medivh over 10 sec while in Raven form. Breaking Raven Form will stop this healing.

Cooldown: 240 sec

Passive: Raven Form increases Medivh's Mana and Health Regeneration by 50%.


Reasoning: Currently, Medivh can't receive AOE or Targeted Heals while in raven form (which is fine), but he still needs to be able to heal. His passive health regen gets augmented by being able to fully heal from healing fountains every other use, without making his increased regen pointless.


Raven's Gaze:

While in Raven Form, Medivh reveals all visible Heroes while they are within his sight range.

Active: Activate to greatly increase sight range for 5 seconds and reveal enemy Heroes for 5 seconds. Does not cancel Raven Form.

(60 sec Cooldown)

Passive: Increase Medivh's sight range while in Raven Form by 25%


Reasoning: Dust of Appearance is not fun to get, but it can be the difference of winning or losing certain matches. This talent could realistically stay as DoA, but I liked the name Raven's Gaze and this makes him more of a support in the right circumstances. This is a way to add utility to Medivh to make him function better as a support.


Level 4:

  1. Raven Familiar
  2. Nevermore (New Talent)
  3. Fortified Portal (Both Stable Portal & Mage Armor effects but less (like maybe 25% CDR and +25% uptime and like 15 or 20 armor)



If an allied hero would be stunned while affected by Force of Will, that hero is cleansed upon it's expiration.


If that Hero is cleansed, Force of Will's Cooldown is set to 9 seconds.

Passive: If Medivh is the primary target of Force of Will, he gains unstoppable for 1 sec.


Reasoning: Medivh cant Medivh if hes CC'd. But he should get punished for over extending. The cleanse works as a way for Medivh to support his team, but it also give him a way to pull off portal shenanigans more reliably. He shouldn't be able to use Enduring Will with this, hence the Cooldown Increase.


Level 7:

  1. Mystic Assault
  2. Arcane Explosion
  3. Reabsorption (from lvl 13)


10: No Change



  1. Medivh Cheats! (New Talent) (name taken from lvl 20 talent)
  2. Some Sort of Ice-Block (New Talent) (Self Explanatory)
  3. Enduring Will (from lvl 13)


Medivh Cheats! (New):

Each time Arcane Rift hits an enemy champion, Medivh gains 4 stacks on his baseline quest. If Arcane Rift fails to hit an enemy, all quest progression is lost.

Upon Quest Completion, Arcane Rift's Damage is reduced by 75 (net neutral with base quest) and its mana cost is reduced by 25.



If Medivh doesn't hit quest, any arcane rift build is awful. This in combination with Level 16 Talents helps him function late game. This is somewhat of a net neutral and at least allows him to get his cdr from quest.



  1. Arcane Charge (rework to stack 2x, but cost +25 mana per stack)
  2. Temporal Flux
  3. Circle of Protection (from Level 13, Additional Allies should be unaffected by other traits that modify force of Will, No Cool Down Increase)



  1. Glyph of Poly Bomb
  2. Ley Line Fracture (Formerly "Medivh Cheats!")
  3. Guardian of Tristfal
  4. Arcane Brilliance


Also can us Medivh Players please get some new skins or an announcer?

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