Heroes of the Storm

[Megathread] Support your favorite players, streamers, casters, or whoever personality that is changing plans because of HGC cancellation!

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - [Megathread] Support your favorite players, streamers, casters, or whoever personality that is changing plans because of HGC cancellation!

Inpired by this post. It was something that I have interesting to see, and since no one made one, here it is.

The point of this is to make a quick collaborative list of what everyone will be doing, see if it align on what you have interest, and maybe everyone wins:


  • Cattlepillar: Streaming

  • Fan: Streaming hots for now.

  • Glaurung: "Starting my next adventure".

  • Jun

  • ViN: Not done with competing, no longer associate himself with hots.

  • ishb00: Trying out League again. Mentions Dragonball Fighterz and smite. maybe trying to find a job in game development or esports somewhere.

  • Khroen: Full time streaming, hots, league, maybe something else.

  • McIntyre: Streaming. Learning smite?

  • BBJ

  • TalkingTrees

  • Homicidal: "Not sure what I'm doing now, it's new season so HL is trash and not enjoyable. Never played another moba but maybe it's time to learn league. Maybe I'll stream randomly idk, just lost rn"

  • Primasticism

  • Goku

  • Justing: Streaming, league.

  • Drated: Back to engineering school

  • Buds: Streaming hots, maybe smite/league.

  • Zugrug

  • Nazmas

  • Lutano

  • Yoda: Streaming wow and hots.

  • KzN: Streaming league. Trying dota.

  • Bkid

  • Kure: Streaming Hots for now, maybe League, maybe CSGO. He will be back to school in August(considering comp sci or IT).

  • Daneski: Considering Fortnite, LoL, Wow (jk LUL)

  • MichaelUdall: Full time streaming, dota 2.

  • BigEmpct: Streaming. "I will probably give a game a shot for 6 months minimum until I take 1 or 2 classes in college and will see where everything goes from there, but I will be sticking with a couple teammates whatever I do :)."

  • k1pro: Out of Hots. Playing Smash Ultimate

  • Zuna

  • Hosty: Streaming hots.

  • KingCaffeine: Retired

  • TigerJK

  • Fury: "I was thinking of working for Blizzard to help develop games so that might be possible but we will have to see what is possible. My DM's are open if people maybe want to give me an idea for a new job or anything like that and I promise I would have a strong passion if I am interested."

  • Swabs

  • DarkChimaera

  • Droplets

  • figgy

  • Casanova: Streaming League.

  • Jschritte: Considering League and Dota 2. Looking for job as Production engineer.

  • Tomster: Streaming League.

  • Jin. Switched to League

  • akaface

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  • Poilk: I will go back to playing league and some maplestory 2 on the side. I will probably stream some of it so keep an eye out for that 😉

  • Wubby ?

  • Snitch: I don’t know what’s next for me yet.

  • Zaelia

  • JayPL

  • Mene: Either pro on dota 2, league, selling cheese or "going for my duo Q partner Khaldor"

  • LastHope

  • Breez

  • scHwimpi

  • SmX: Streaming LoL

  • BadBenny: Streaming League and Hots

  • AtheroAngel

  • Nic: Looking to stream something next year.

  • adrd: "I will have to look for something new to do now"

  • Cursen: Maybe dota 2 or LoL? Spending christmas finding out.

  • Robadobah: "Now onto the next chapter of life".

  • Quackniix: Streaming hots and League for next days/weeks. Looking to branch out.

  • Cris: Streaming 4~6h a day for the next few weeks and exploring new games to stream.

  • Shad: Streaming League.

  • Zarmony:

  • WolfJoe

  • SportsBilly: What's next finish vacation and stream a bit (more)and have fun while doing that for some billyW's

  • Ethernal:

  • Arcaner: Finishing vacation and going all-in on League pro. Will stream the grind too.

  • HasuObs

  • NuroK: Streaming

  • AlexTheProG: Doesn't know when/if streams will be back.

  • Splendour

  • remmerballer

  • Crozzby

  • Nande: Don't know if can keep hots. Might stream different games for fun.

  • Memekraft

  • raidbawz: Streaming league.

  • WolfJoe: Streaming.

  • darkmok

  • Mopsio: I give myself some time to get back in shape in league and see if I can do well (russian lcs for example). If not then I will pursue other career, maybe as chef

  • potiboss

  • deeaybe

  • bl3kitny


  • Rich: Future plans are undecided, but stream and YouTube will be maintained

  • I don't even know if they use twitter. So I'll trust you guys to find them.


  • Khaldor: "probably gonna focus on casting WarCraft 3 and some Heroes competition (in whatever form that will exist) for the upcoming future and then take it from there."

  • Vandie: Looking to cast League, Dota 2, CoD, Fortnite, PUBG and considering other games too.

  • Skimmy: Looking to cast League, CSGO, OW, Cod?

  • Dreadnaught: Looking to any potential casting, even hots related too.

  • Halorin

  • Kala: Streaming. Considering other options on poll.

  • Gillyweed: Casting Rocket League

  • Trikslyr: Full-time streaming.

  • JHow: Looking for future jobs as a commentator or host. Looking at doing some things on BrawlStars soon.

  • Wolf

  • Gclef

  • Kaelaris

Streamers/Everyone else:

  • SolidJake: Focusing on Ultimate content creation, WC3 Reforged Esports Coverage, Bloodlust 2019 (tentative). "Freelance commentator and video producer looking for work."

  • MunkyS. Previously a GM Samuro. Now learning DotA.

Feel free to comment any plans or updates at any time, any missing personalities. If possible, with a source. English is not my 1st language, so any missinterpretation corretion is welcome too. I don't use twitter so I'm probably won't be knowing most changes. Will try to update the changes whenever I can.

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