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Meserole Zergling [Hero Suggestion]

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Meserole Zergling [Hero Suggestion]

Or; ANIMAL HUSBANDRY, THE HERO. Heroic zergling with a theoretically infinite minion-spawning trait. What it lacks in spell damage and AOE susceptibility it makes up for in resistance to single-target damage and lane control. Overwhelms teams that focus entirely on blow-up comps to dominate objectives and neglect wave-clear & laning.

Trait; Spawning Pool. Summons a drone at the respawn that lanes & paths to targeted point & transforms over 30 seconds into a spawning pool structure. Channel on the structure to turn in stacks of Feed, granting a baseline 500 health & 10 DPS zergling for every 10 stacks of Feed. Can hold a maximum of 25 stacks of Feed.

Trait Passive; Zergling minions can't be microed separately from the hero and have a leash range slightly larger than a traited kaelthas flamestrike. This hero has an invisible aura half that size that gives its zerglings a 20% speed boost so they'll get in front of it while running, and any zerglings that get leash-pulled run all the way to the hero and gain 40% movespeed while doing so.

Q: Consume. The Hero leaps to target, gaining attack-while-move and taunting itself to the target as long as it's channeled. Gain 1 stack of Feed for every 100 damage the target takes while being channeled on, if they die during gain 50% bonus Feed. Has two charges

W: Frenzy. All zergling minions lose their leash, copy your current attack order and work independently for 4 seconds, self-healing for 1% of damage dealt.

E: Huddle. Cleanses all zerglings and reduces leash size to 0, granting them 40% movespeed and forcing them to return to the hero, stay there and not attack until the channel is ended. While channeling, all minion zerglings gain a melee-ranged aura that grants this hero invisibility, making it un-targetable so long as it's being Huddled.

Z Special: Activate to grant self unstoppable for 1 second & instantly give self a shield for 1% health. As long as this shield is up, gain 40% movespeed.


1) Changeling. For 2 seconds, taking fatal damage switches this hero's place and health with the highest health or closest zergling. Has a 6 second cooldown, while on cooldown the enemy cannot see which zergling is the heroic.

2) Overlord. Gains a flying Overlord pet that grants vision over terrain. Activate this ability for the Overlord to begin slowing all enemies beneath it for 6 seconds. Gives an activateable that allows it to be ordered to target point at infinite range before returning, can turn in feed for the hero and any zerglings spawned by such will be carried back to the hero by the overlord when it leashes back.


Important Talents

Tier 1

A) Zerg Rush. Instantly gain 10 zerglings upon taking this talent. Additionally, respawn with 1 free zergling, increased by 1 for every takedown.

B) Survivaling. Quest: Don't die. Reward: Every zergling spawned while at 0 deaths grants this hero permanent +2% health & +1% AA damage.

C) Rat Race. Activating frenzy grants this hero 40% movespeed for 4 second.

Tier 2

A) The Devouring One. Every takedown increases the maximum charges of Feed that can be held by 10. After 5 takedowns, increase the takedown feed bonus of Consume on heroes by 100%

B) Loose Leash. Frenzy's cooldown is reduced to 3 seconds.

C) Safety In Numbers. Huddle causes every zergling huddled to grant 1 armor to eachother.

Tier 3

A) Skim Off The Top. This hero self-heals for 1% of its AA damage while frenzied, and for 2% of Consume damage.

B) Roiling Maw. Zergling Minions can attack while huddled for half damage.

C) Ambush Strain. Grants a Burrow activateable, making self & all minions instantly completely invisible, unrevealable & burrowed deaths — including the hero & his respawn timer, are not visible to the enemy team.

Tier 5

A) Manylings. Spawns two zerglings instead of one.

B) Mobile Strain. Frenzy gives zergling minions short ranged leaping attacks.

C) Jungle Beast. Gain 100% health regen while the shield from Z is active. Basic attacks reduce its CD by 1 second.

Tier 6

A) Cautious Output. Every other zergling that dies spawns a zergling for free at the spawning pool.

B) Bloodlust. The first attack of a frenzied zergling does 1% max health bonus damage to heroes. Does not give Feed on a Consumed target unless they die while being channeled.

C) Bio Mass. Basic attacks while huddled slow the enemy for every huddled zergling.

Storm Talent Tier

C) The Swarm. Instantly respawns all zergling minions that have died over the course of the game at the spawning pool. If you have a productive game, clearing waves, consuming two minions per wave and getting 1 or 2 zergling per 30 seconds (not counting snowball talents), losing them over time to enemy waveclear, at about 15 minutes if u get level 20, hold the talent and an enemy finds ur spawning pool and starts killing it and THEN you, from across the map, right click the hero pick this talent and instantly use frenzy, they'll have 60 zerglings spawn under their feet and get ripped to shreds hilariously.

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