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META Madness returns with a 1000 Euro prizepool – powered by RUNTIME!

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - META Madness returns with a 1000 Euro prizepool - powered by RUNTIME!

One of the most fun tournaments that I ever hosted was "META Madness" a few years back. After HGC started there was never enough time to run a similar event again. Either teams were busy playing HGC, on vacation during breaks, or simply busy trying out new potential members during the transfer periods. While the end of HGC marked a pretty dark moment in the competitive history of Heroes of the Storm it also opened up space for other formats and I'm happy to announce today that this also means a return of "META Madness"!

A lot of you might ask at this point "What exactly is META Madness?", after all it's been a while since the last tournament. The idea behind the format is to force teams with top players, within a competitive environment, to think more out of the box and to play unorthodox team compositions. To accomplish this the rules of the draft are slightly changed. Heroes that get banned during a series are banned for the ENTIRE series, not only one specific map/game! This means that in a Best-of-5 match there would be 30 Heroes banned if the Bo5 goes the full distance! In addition to that the community can contribute to ban certain Heroes from the ENTIRE tournament before the event even starts (more later).

To bring META Madness back and give the participating teams (mostly consisting of Division S teams) an incentive to bring their A-game, I partnered up with RUNTIME as a sponsor for the tournament! RUNTIME is a company that provides meal-replacement and performance-enhancing nutrition for gamers and Esports athletes. They are super excited about Esports and were very interested when I pitched the idea for a new tournament and thanks to them sponsoring the event we will have a prizepool of 1000 Euros for the next edition of "META Madness"!


More META Madness details:

  • Tournament days: March, 23rd & 24th
  • Tournament format: all games are Best-of-5
  • Special rules: Heroes are banned for an entire series (not only one map)
  • Prizemoney: 1000 Euros powered by RUNTIME
  • Participating teams: TBA soon
  • VODs: will be available on www.YouTube.com/Khaldor


As mentioned earlier, the community can contribute to get even more Heroes banned for the event. Starting today, until the day of the tournament, stream-supporters can vote on a hero that will be banned for the ENTIRE tournament (Poll-Link: https://streampoll.tv/51143). Each subscriber has 3 votes to be cast and for every 50 new subs to my stream (www.twitch.tv/Khaldor) during this time period one additional hero will be banned. So if for example from today until the day before the tournament 100 new subs join the channel, the top 2 heroes of the poll will be banned for the entire tournament. If we get 150 subs, the top 3 will be banned and so on.

I have also decided against having this tournament run exclusively on my own channel. I've contacted a few streamers already to potentially provide coverage in other languages than English. Players are also allowed to provide personal streams as long as they use the tournament/sponsor overlays. I want to make sure that people have access to the event and are not limited to a single stream but have options.

Looking forward to a great event and I hope you are as excited about the tournament as I am 😀

Cheers, Khaldor!

PS: the number of subs per "global" ban is intentionally high to ensure there's only a few Heroes that are banned for the entire event and not a completely crazy amount. For future META Madness events we can revise that number again depending on the results of this tournament.

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