Heroes of the Storm

Meta Update: Plat+ patch 2.53.3 (March 2021 post bugfixes)

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Meta Update: Plat+ patch 2.53.3 (March 2021 post bugfixes)

Meta Update
Plat+ patch 2.53.3 (March 2021 post bugfixes)

Mei is the most influential tank. Icewall is her best ult with the cooldown buff pushing it to a drastically higher win rate over avalanche.

Mal'ganis buffs are the real deal and he is the somewhat sleeper OP tank. Vulnerable to CC.

Anub'arak is the longtime sleeper OP tank, locust build continues as the most popular build these days.

The rest of the tanks are all having their lunch money stolen and are clustered between 45-50% win rates. Diablo/ETC are still good in the right hands. Muradin players should really start taking dwarf block unless vs Tracer/Tass/Tychus/Dva, it's great now that charges don't expire.

Bruisers as a group are somewhat overpowered. Double bruiser is definitely a thing.

Sonya is not only dominating her role, but with her popularity and 57% winrate she is the most influential hero in the game. Slam build deals huge damage and doesn't require Sonya to go deep to deal mage levels of teamfight damage. That said, spin to win is still amazing if you are facing a Xul, Jaina, or Arthas.

Gazlowe and Dva are still overpowered. Popular and sporting 54% win rates. Gazlowe is the stronger of the two at high level, especially if the game goes to late game, bombs for days.

Xul is the sleeper OP bruiser maintaining a high win rate for multiple patches now, even on maps where he can't double soak.

Hogger statistically seems balanced, just above 50%. That said if you play against one that knows the angles for the map, or if your team clusters up in a choke when he has full rage you will be destroyed.

The big news in healer land is Li Li is back in action. The most important thing is she now slows along with her blinds. Her serpent build is pretty good but her old builds work just fine too. The most important thing is how you position her for the soft cc she can provide. "Hold down Q" naysayers aside, you actually can target your heals if you pay attention. Usually best to be much closer to the frontline than other healers.


Brightwing is the most popular hero in the game for a couple patches running now. She's quite good as polymorph and global value always help out. Poly is particularly good against Mal'ganis if he becomes meta.

Rehgar has had a somewhat surprising drop in popularity but still excellent at his job, especially with an auto attack team where he can go bloodlust.

Stukov, Whitemane, Kharazim, Auriel holding the 50%.

Everyone else is under 50%.

Alex continues to struggle.

Melee Assassins
Continue to suck as a group, you would be better off with pretty much any Ranged or even a Bruiser as your secondary "Flex" DPS. The occasional Zeratul, Kerrigan, Maiev, Samuro, Qhira one trick can still show up to wreck your day though.

Medivh pretty much should only be played in Masters.

Vikings are overpowered but rare.

Zarya mostly only good on Braxis and Volskaya.

Abathur kind of feels like he makes matches a 50/50 tossup with a 45% chance to win before 20 and a 55% chance if the game goes past 20.

Falstad is still good post bug fix and worthy of a ban. W build still coming out the strongest.

Zul'jin is the king of single target late game DPS, recklessness OP.

Cassia still OP.

Run it down Azmo still winning games.

Tychus good, but a little overrated on the bans.

Chromie nerfs worked, maybe too well, she's tied for worst mage win rates with KTZ. Stats aside I still feel she can do serious work with the right comp.

As always, Genji and Hanzo should only be played in Diamond+ if you want to get the Dub.

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