Heroes of the Storm

Mini-glitch in “Try” map

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Mini-glitch in "Try" map

Note: I can't recreate it, and I wasn't stuck, but thought I'd mention it anyways.

Was using Lucio on the "Try" map to test some talents, primarily running along the wall just below the giants. I chose Accelerando (I was over level 20, but I only selected the one) and ran back and forth along that wall, and I 'think' it might have been while Lucio was doing a U-turn on the wall it popped through the wall, and was "wall grinding" inside the wall, on the other side of the trees. It appeared to be following the path of the wall but just further in, but I usually put my mouse about that far in and follow that trajectory anyways, so it might have only appeared to be there. After I realized I was so far in the wall I flicked my mouse over my character and back at the normal part of the map and he got off the "wall" and walked back into the normal map.

I attempted for a couple minutes more to flip back and forth across the wall to recreate it, but I was unable to get it to happen again.


*After further testing* (not an edit, figured this out as I was writing and toying some more)
Noticed something odd earlier, where the wall just below where I'm running (the left wall of the boss pit) if you are looking at it while directly up against my wall it appears to be curved, but when you go around the 'corner' it appears to fix itself once you can see where it is supposed to attach by straightening out instantly-but goes back to curved if you go up against my wall again. The weirdest part about this was when testing other parts of the map, you can see the lines for where walls are through the actual walls, such as when standing at the bottom of your gate you can see the wall lines for where the giants are standing. But for some reason, if you are standing at my wall, you cannot see past the wall towards the boss pit (or at least, you can't see the wall lines-you can get vision around the corner)….and for further proof of this being wrong, the RIGHT side of the boss pit doesn't do this at all! I'm wondering if there is some kind of disconnect, or 'double layered' walls put up when you updated the walls for Lucio/Hanzo/Junkrat to show vision that can sometimes allow you to clip into it, between the 'double layer' and force through to the other side. This might also be something worth testing out in other maps to see if they have similar effects as this might be a sign of walls that could cause people to accidentally glitch through maybe .

x7rzh37teh861 - Mini-glitch in "Try" map

Broken, curved wall

Fixed, straight wall

No, I don't know how to resize the pictures….me no reddit so good. The point is, that wall shouldn't be stopping in the first one. Something is wrong with that connection and it might be what is causing the wall I was on to act odd enough to shove me through.

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