Heroes of the Storm

[Mini-Guide] How to play from behind?

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - [Mini-Guide] How to play from behind?

It's been a while, but here goes!

You and your team lost the first few objectives, are 1-2 levels down in midgame and have zero forts left standing though your keeps are still fine. Your map control is limited and you have little vision.

How to equalize?

  1. EXP. Soak, every fucking creep you can safely find. SOAK DOES NOT MEAN PUSH. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT PUSH IN A LANE. Here's a
    ><center><iframe width= - [Mini-Guide] How to play from behind?
    which explains how and why to freeze a lane. The video applies to the solo lane, but realistically, your goals in a fighting-back situation are the same. Image Example of where to freeze. Doing this correctly means that you force the enemy team to choose between losing EXP and as such losing their lead rapidly, or play greedy/risky to remain even on EXP gains, which provides your team with opportunities to punish.

  2. Rotate very conservatively. You lack vision, lanes are near your towers and the opposing team needs to make things happen because they are now giving their lead away.
    See this image for illustration. Yes, this means that rotating through your allied Bruiser camp is greedy and dangerous. Any point of the map where you do not have full vision is dangerous. Ask your tank to anchor or get vision on them before you move through there.

  3. Minimize losses. So many times do I see people fight or rotate for a lost cause. If the enemy team has heroics and they are 5-manning an objective or a fort, don't go in there and be a hero. You're going to feed and just set yourself further behind. Instead, soak an additional lane. It's quite possible in Hots 2019 patch to get ahead on EXP by giving up a fort, as funny as that sounds. Do not die over a lost cause, learn to recognize when you have lost a point and give it up. Deaths when behind are just as bad as deaths when ahead. When ahead, you have the "buffer" of waves being pushed and forts still standing, when behind you're liable to lose keeps and that's when things spiral.

  4. Play Opportunistic. "Standard" play got you into this situation. By following the previous steps, you have forced the enemy team into a situation where they are losing their lead if they don't make something happen. People will step up to soak, they'll start mercenaries, capture watchtowers, what have you. Every single point in time they split up is an opportunity for your team to steal half a level. Are they running around as 5? Excellent: you're getting 2-3x as much exp as they are.

  5. Trust your tank. At some point, you'll be forced to contest something. By far the best opportunity you will have is by following your tank wherever they go, and follow their engage. Even if they engage somewhat stupidly, it's the best thing you can do. You are behind, you are weaker, you cannot afford to split focus. Working together on a bad plan has a much higher chance of working than everybody doing their own thing, and this counts even moreso when you are statistically weaker.

  6. DO NOT TILT/FLAME/BLAME. It's completely pointless to get emotionally distracted during this game or have Dunning-Kruger take over – they are the worst teammates. Don't antagonize people, stay chill and work together. Everybody fucks up.

These rules hold even when you start losing keeps. I hope you drafted solid waveclear because you're going to need to push out a creep wave in order to buy yourself time to contest. In this situation, clear creeps until roughly just before where your fort used to be – that'll buy you a solid minute. Going any further is typically not worth the risk. Mercenaries add a good minute or-so.

Now, go ahead and win those ladder points. If you get matched against me, please afk to say thanks 🙂


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