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Miscellaneous bugs and ability oddities I’ve found recently

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Miscellaneous bugs and ability oddities I've found recently

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  • Jaina's <> Frostbolt and Cone of Cold damage values are higher than they're supposed to be.
    • Digging into the files quickly revealed why. Wintermute's spells are assigned their own damage values, rather than being calculated on the fly as 50% of Jaina's damage. When Jaina Q and E were recently nerfed, they just forgot to nerf Wintermute's respective spells.
  • Cho's <> damage ticks 1 more time than intended. Instead of 10 ticks of 15 damage for a total of 150, it's dealing 11 ticks of 15 damage for 165.
    • I'm having difficulty understanding what part of ChoGallData.xml defines the number of ticks, tickrate, or duration. I see where AA's increase the duration of the DoT, but not the base duration. So I'm not sure where the bug is here.
  • Garrosh's <> damage is… weird and incorrect. It appears to deal significantly more damage than the tooltip says. It's also kinda hard to test since Garrosh's health regen makes his armor and health constantly shift.
    • Here's an example: Garrosh in Try Mode, level 13, with Body Check and <>. Take enough damage from the boss to get like 43 armor or so. Use Double Up to get 75 armor and Body Check a Target Dummy. According to the tooltip, you would expect 185 + 2 * 75 = 335 damage, right? Wrong. One number I got was 513 damage. It actually shifted at different levels of health, despite my armor remaining at 75 the entire time. If I aim for the edge of 75 and 74 armor, I get around 460 damage.
    • You might read the previous example and think "hey, the problem is just that Double Up breaks Body Check past 75 armor." So let's now forget the Double Up, let Garrosh reach 40 armor naturally, and try Body Checking. 185 + 3 * 40 = 265. In Try Mode, I get 334. The number shifts based on how much health I have, rather than just when my armor value changes. And even at 39 armor, I'm dealing more than 265 damage.
    • At full health I deal the correct amount of damage. Any time I have armor, it seems to be more than 4 * Armor Up bonus damage.
    • Garrosh.xml around line 192 seems to have a lot of the info on this. I don't understand the Accumulator system so I won't speculate further on what's going on here.

Probably a Bug?

  • D.Va's <> still reduces % damage. It's unclear to me whether this is intended.
    • As far as I could tell in Try Mode, Defensive Matrix does not reduce % damage. I think it used to.

Other Strangeness

  • Hanzo's <> was apparently stealth buffed from 150 to 165. I can't find this in patchnotes.
  • Arthas' <> blocks % damage. This does seem like the correct behavior; % damage is coded as spell damage. I was just surprised to see a Last Rites deal 0 damage to my 1/3rd health Arthas in Try Mode. I'm sure Arthas mains have caught onto this already, but I never knew.
  • I saw a Lucio AI use <> in a brawl at level 1. I don't have a replay because it was on the Industrial District. It didn't pick Summer Anthem at level 20.
  • Twice I've seen a Hanzo AI just jump over nothing in the middle of open space. This one I have a replay for if someone wants me to dig it up.

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