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Miserably low winrate on good heroes.

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Miserably low winrate on good heroes.

Hello! I am mostly a casual player and have sunk about 300 hours in HotS according to HotSLogs.
When looking at my statistics I've been noticing a few heroes I have played a fair bit but still have low winrates with. I'll go through them one by one.

Ana: She's said to be a top tier healer and a safe pick but I have a 22.2% winrate over 18 games, even though she has the highest average heal per game out of all the healers I play, and she's the one I die the least with thanks to her range. Why do I get disastrous results with her? I consider not dying and healing allies are the basics and I've done both of these well overall, what else could I do?

Falstad: One of the first heroes I ever picked, I don't play him as often as other heroes but I still have 15 games with him, with a 26.7% winrate. I got what seems like good takedowns, solo kill count and damage output with him but also lots of deaths so the answer is here, die less… I've been especially unsuccessful with his lightning rod builds because I prefer a more hit and run tactic usually…


Gul'dan: Aaaah the worst one imo, my most played of the low winrate heroes , 28 games, 28.6% winrate. He's the one I struggle the most with. I got good damage but little takedowns compared to other assassins because I can't finish off targets. I like the lifedrain build the most even though I force myself to play corruption because it's more impactful. Idk how to use corruption against targets that aren't walking in a straight line and I lose a lot of time waiting for the perfect opportunity. Also in games with no frontlines my damage is often crap. Fel Flame's range is awkward and puts me in danger most of the time… Also, when do I use Horrify and how? It's an important tool I keep screwing up with… (and is there ANY reason to take Rain of Destruction ever?)

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Keep in mind that I exclusively play QM, and I often have to play without frontline or heals for that reason.

Logically my first thought was "Are those heroes bad in QM?" but their winrates are roughly 50% in this setting so I must be playing wrong. All my other heroes with at least 10 games played have 40 to 70% winrates, my highest being Zarya at 72.4% .

Got any insight or tips to improve playing those three heroes? Am I focusing too much on the numbers? I know I am basically answering half my questions writing this post, but I keep losing and I don't see what I could do to improve. I can play fairly well with any hero I try, but those three I can't seem to get right.

Thanks to anyone who reads this!

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