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HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Miss old HOTS

Sorry guys, Im really bad in english, but I can not be silent anymore.
I played HOTS for years, got into from dota2, where i was semi-professianal player, played in pro-series of Starladder and some tier 3 teams. I fell in love with favourite characters, interesting mechanics and action gameplay. It was the game with the different ways to win: for example u can just win all fights or complete objectives. There was awesome comeback mechanics and even losing team could got better in objective.

From the start i understood that the most interesting for me is going to play specs, not abathur with his coward playstyle or nazeebo, hammer and sylvanas who was closer to assassins but zagara, azmodan, xul. Later it was probius (still think it was one of the most intereting decision in all mobas to create hero like that).

Those heroes could play absolutely different playstyle for team – they could just beat almost any hero on lane and push it so hard, that opponent must use whole their team and skills to stop u.For example my favourite – Zagara. Nydus had barely 2% pickrate, but i never used maw ulti as zagara, cause of tricks i learned when played her. There was a lot of games where i won almost solo, using good splitpush with muta and nydus, moments when iv got more exp then whole team together (it was over 30k exp when over had 5k each, and it was just lvl 16 or near), created some strategy of double nydus, when i put second nydus not far from previous, and when they destroyed first one they NEVER wait another one nearby. I had 78% winrate as zagara for almost 150 games, got diamond and master with her. This character has become a reflection of my playing style.


Now blizzard nerf her, muta lives only 30sec instead of min, cdr only on creep and 0,4 instead of old one talant for 0,75, there's only 4 nydus. WE have no more exp for structures. Zagara is literally unreal to play right now.

I missed year of playing in army, and what i saw wasnt the game i use to play. Now game oriented only on teamfights – who win teamfights – win the game. All specs oriented on push was reworked to bruisers and range assassins. And now my lovely Zagara and Azmodan officially called range assassins. They just killed that style of push, style of tactical moving for the lines, that style i mastered in dota, used in hots and miss the most.

I wont quit playing it, i spent a lot of time thinking about try another game or comeback to dota, but hope that Blizz will get back to the roots, remember guys like me, give me strength to continue playing. All changes cant be bad 🙂

But in the long evening i sitting in my chair with bottle of cold beer and remember good times, and cry after that. Not beacuse the game is bad, but beacuse im fat guy who loved this game too much and was traited.

Sorry for this text, i just wanted to tell what breaking my heart, get off one's chest. Thank you.

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