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monthly plea for more loadout slots so that using all our awesome skins, mounts, sprays, banners, announcers and voicelines is practical

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - monthly plea for more loadout slots so that using all our awesome skins, mounts, sprays, banners, announcers and voicelines is practical

TL;DR please give us more loadouts so we can better enjoy the fantastic cosmetics that are in the game. best win: move loadouts from hero to skin so that all skins can easily be in a loadout.

skins are awesome. mounts are awesome. sprays, banners, voice lines, announcers – these all add colour and sparkle to the game.

the devs put a great amount of effort into making nice things for us, and most of us appreciate this.

but for many of us, having a skin that clashes with a mount (or spray or whatever) is something of an eyesore. we like our setup to look good; our mounts match the skin and the spray and the rest, whether in theme or colour or event or whatever. it means a lot to us. or when we group with friends, we match our skins to a colour theme, or we all pick skins from the same event. we set up loadouts that look good.


it does, however, take some time setting up a loadout. choosing a skin is quick but finding a matching mount can be tricky. sometimes this is easy (if they are event cosmetics for example) but mostly it means scrolling through all the mounts considering colours, universes (putting a fantasy-themed skin on a tecnology-themed mount can look somewhat weird), general aesthetics, meme value, and other factors. then doing the same for a banner (can be tricky finding a good match here due to the relative paucity of banners), a spray, and to a lesser extent announcer and voiceline.

so far, so good.

the problem arrives when a hero's loadouts are full and i have more than three skins for the hero. normally my loadouts are set up with my three favourite skins for the hero. but i am often left feeling frustrated when i have more awesome skins for the hero. imagine an amazing new event skin comes out for li li – like gata de batalla with matching mount etc, which is awesome, and i want to buy it! but i already have the super cute explorer skin setup with matching mount etc, the i'm-a-vicious-little-panda shadowblade skin setup, and the simply beautiful lunar skin setup. i know that buying means i probably won't be able to easily use one of the three existing setups any more because i have to overwrite one of them to get the new skin. or sighing with sadness when getting a legendary skin in a loot box 🙁


or sometimes my whole team wants to play with a red skin, but my loadouts are all non-red. i may have a red skin, but it means i have to adjust a loadout (which took time and love to set up) to match my friends. and it means i have to go find a mount to match red (because my red fantasy skin looks terrible with the pink space mount maybe) and the same for banner and spray.

getting new skins is a STRESS!!! when i get a new legendary and my loadouts for that hero are full of awesome setups, i am left feeling sad because i know that one of those setups just won't get used any more because to use the new skin i have to overwrite a previous setup. this leaves me with little desire to purchase skins for heroes with full loadouts (which is all of them by now).

so, please either

  • consider giving us more loadout slots (put in an "add extra loadout" button, or just change the three to maybe ten or something but that just delays the problem), or:
  • even better – move the loadouts to the skins instead of where they currently are on the heroes. this way we can have three loadouts per skin, and all skins can easily be in a loadout.

(also, the ability to select random as an option for skin, mount etc would be awesome, as would being able to get a random loadout chosen from the list of set up loadouts).

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