Heroes of the Storm

More stats on the tab screen/score screen

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - More stats on the tab screen/score screen

So I'm wondering why doesn't everyone have a stat for how much damage they've taken? It makes sense for tanks, since they're usually the ones who wants to be the ones taking the most damage, but it would be nice to see to see other teammates taking damage. Like maybe our assassin is just getting blown up or our healer is taking way more damage than they should, and the team could adjust with the data provided. Granted, yes, the team could communicate but not everyone likes to.

Second, why doesn't everyone have a stat for how much healing they've done (when applicable). I'd like to see the healing separated into Self-Healing, Healing Others, and Healing Received. Also, why doesn't E.T.C. get this stat if he takes the healing talent at level 1? I remember Abathur took a while before they added that stat when he got the healing talent with his hat, so it would be nice if E.T.C. could get the same adjustment.


It would also be nice to see a Damage Migridated stat for those who can reduce damage with Armor/Spell Armor/Physical Armor.

If it seems like this would cause a lot of clutter on the tab screen, it could be broken down to a more simpler stat display, then you could click on something like 'Advanced Stats' to see more of a breakdown of it.

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