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More Suggestions For Reworks

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - More Suggestions For Reworks

There are certain heroes that are in dire need of help and while Dva and Gaz were certainly in that category I'd love to see more of that in the future for others that have been cellar dwelling for a while.

Stitches: Obviously he's been in the crosshairs but the changes haven't been overall that impactful. Going from the HP buff then taking it away and giving him more minion dmg on his W really doesn't solve the issue Stitches has. I'd even argue that had he kept the HP buff along with the W buffs it wouldn't have made much of a difference. It's hard to say what changes should be made but I'd love to see the dev team further work on him and experiment some even further with his kit.

Probius: He was given an interesting change to his ult a few months ago that, while certainly fun to use, doesn't help him overall. I love his design and how he's unique in his resource generation but two things I believe Probius should receive that would put him in a better spot would be for his Z to not be interruptible by dmg as that is his only escape and he doesn't have a mount and for Probius to have slightly more range on his Q and W abilities. Aside from serious reworks those are my thoughts. I believe the Z change should be implemented if nothing else.

The Butcher: This one will be controversial to many QM players out there but he has the same issue as another that will be on this list and that is many times it takes too long for him to be an impact and that's if he ever gets stacked. Most Butchers can get there in QM but in a competitive game in can be very hard. He was nerfed before to compensate for helping him reach his stack requirements earlier but I think it hurt him more than it helped. He lost dmg per blood, dmg upon quest completion, and dmg per blood after hero kills. The Insatiable Blade W talent was stripped down reducing survivability and all of this led to further exacerbate his extreme weakness to CC as he has always been an all in or all out (dead) hero. Butcher is a horror many times in QM but I don't think that should be the reason to neuter him.


Nazeebo: This is a personal favorite of mine so I'll try and not be partial, but he does need some work. As a Naz main I mostly picked Thing Of The Deep (TOTD) as it was my preference and along with the zombie wall talents allowed him to stack and soak fairly quickly. The changes came to XP which made that not quite as good as it was before but a few months back TOTD was buffed and became a quest that upon completion gave Naz 20% spell power and I felt that gave Nazeebo some much needed early game presence. The very next patch the quest reward was cut in half and he hasn't been touched since. Nazeebo once stacked is a pretty strong hero but again it takes a while and unlike The Butcher, Nazeebo's power is locked behind a level 20 talent and even then he's not guaranteed to be able to benefit from it. Also unless you've been farming badly there is no other choice at level 20. I believe a step in the right direction would be to make Vile Infection a baseline quest. I think he could use some talent help for his Q but overall as far as talent diversity I believe Nazeebo has decent viable varieties pre 20. Lastly, who ever picks Fury of the Storm at 20 on Naz?

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