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Most people want towers to prioritise objectives over heroes. What about mercs, minions and summons?

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Most people want towers to prioritise objectives over heroes. What about mercs, minions and summons?

Many threads over the past week with high upvotes have been threads that want towers/forts/keeps to always prioritise objectives over enemy heroes.

If this change were implemented however, what about minions, mercs and summons?


The whole point of a bruiser camp is to push with them as they tank a fort. In fact, that was the entire reasons behind giving 20 spell armour to heroes pushing with a bruiser camp. With the tower changes, bruiser camps are now completely useless, they get free cleared every time since you can't push with them.

It usually takes 2-3 heroes to efficiently take a bruiser camp, and the heroes taking it usually have to hearth to heal up their mana/hp after. But all it takes is one squishy assassin sitting alone under his tower to clear that camp without taking any hp damage at all, and that herocan't even be zoned out due to the tower changes.

Conclusion: Towers should also prioritise mercs over heroes.


Minions don't even tank the forts/towers for long. They tank it for like 3-4 seconds and then the whole wave is gone. Why shouldn't the team with better map control and stronger ability to control the lane and clear the minions first be able to push for 3-4 seconds each wave? If the defending team has waveclear, it wouldn't even be 3-4 seconds, it would be about 0-1 second.

And if the pushing team managed to accumulate a massive minion wave, why shouldn't they be rewarded for that? It's not like that was easy to do, and it is also easily countered by any AOE waveclear, so why shouldn't the massive minion wave tank the fort/towers?

There are 2 ways to win a lane, freezing the lane or pushing with the minions for structural damage. Xp globes already made freezing the lane the optimal strategy. But pushing for some structural damage was at least still somewhat viable in the past. With these changes, since minions don't even tank towers anymore, the ability to get any structural damage is non-existent. You can't hit structures as a Yrel without accidentally triggering tower aggro and getting rekt.


Conclusion: Towers should prioritise minions over heroes to punish teams who failed to draft waveclear, minions don't even tank the forts/towers for long


It is tempting to argue that hero summons should never tank forts/keeps/towers. But realise that every single hero whose summons tank forts/keeps/towers are balanced around that. Being able to tank the fort/towers is already part of their power budget.

In other words, if you make summons unable to tank forts/towers, heroes like anub, zagara and azmodan would need significant buffs. Even more significant buffs because not only can the summons NOT tank towers, the summons are actually an active handicap while pushing because the summons will randomly attack enemy heroes and cause tower aggro to focus on the hero.

I guess the blizzard team can take the approach of significantly buffing anub'arak, azmodan and zagara, to compensate them for losing the part of the power budget where they can "disable" forts/towers.

But why homogenize every hero and make them do the same thing? Isn't it cool we have a few heroes who can "disable" forts and towers while being balanced around that and having less power budget elsewhere? It's not like any of these heroes are BROKEN or OP because they can disable forts and towers, they were balanced with these considerations in mind.

Conclusion: towers should prioritise summons over enemy heroes

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