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Muradin players, have you tried the buffed talents? How do you feel about them?

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Muradin players, have you tried the buffed talents? How do you feel about them?

As it was described in the patch notes, the goal was to buff Muradin's underperforming talents. Do you feel like picking them more often now?

The ones I tested out:

  • <>: This talent is right now broken good because it's bugged: it allows stacking of your baseline quest on hitting *anything*, finishing it by like lvl8. I tried playing a few games when I intentionally avoided hitting anything but heroes, and in those scenarios… well I got the quest done a bit earlier, but the missing CC from <> was really hurting my teamfight potential and the activation of other talents. One-shotting catapults and two-shotting siege camps is really nice though if your team lacks the waveclear.
  • <>: In teamfights, this barely every activates for me, as people move around too quickly to hit 3 consecutive AAs on the same hero unless it's the enemy tank. I still pick it for the microstun against Guldan and Sonya, the damage buff feels irrelevant. I'll need to try out <> + <> together for some PVEMuradin.
  • <>: This talent is incredible in Quick Match. In situations when I wouldn't draft Muradin because things block the Stormbolts, e.g. against an Anub'Arak, or on Infernal Shrines, it gives you the edge through ridiculous amount of healing. Also damage and waveclear. I think I'm in love with this talent.

The ones I haven't tested out, so take these opinions with a grain of salt:

  • <>: The problem is that this doesn't work in teamfights and is nullified by <>. Outside of teamfights, the baseline Second Wind gives enough healing that you will be hearthing for mana only anyways. I personally think this talent should reduce the activation time of Second Wind by 1 or 2 seconds to be truly useful.
  • <>: I already pick this talent against heavy melee AA heroes like Illidan or Artanis. Having 4 seconds shaved off from my Avatar won't make a difference in that fight, and Avatar will be up by the next teamfight (90 second cooldown is not that long). The talent is situationally decent, but the buff made no difference in whether I choose it or not.
  • <>: I use Dwarf Toss to escape, so no hero to slow there. If I want to be aggressive, I would prefer <> to deal damage. Can imagine it being useful to help your team catch up with escaping enemies, but that's so situational that I'd rather just have the consistent value of <>.
  • <>: I don't think I can exist without <> anymore. I'll give it a shot if I ever roll Dragon Shire, but the game refuses to give me my favorite skirmish-heavy map. 🙁

What are your findings?

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