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Murky is probably the best in his field. (Long post)

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Murky is probably the best in his field. (Long post)

So I'd like to talk a little about something… My top two champions. Why I play them, and what they do.

As the title, and probably why you clicked this post, Murky is probably one of the best heroes to clear XP with, and Zagara being a close second.

What these two do are a lot more in the same than you might think at first. Whenever someone thinks of Murky, they tend to think "Useless", that is unless they are apart of the Murloc Army and understand the benefits of having the little fish on your team.

Murky has multiple build paths for different scenario's. If they have someone that needs to be locked down, there's a talent for that. If the enemy team is going to be clumped and in tight corridors, there's a talent for that. Enemy team has poor waveclear? There's a talent for that. Enemy team's comp > in team fights, there's a talent for that too. So on and so on.

My personal favorite for Murky is to get Fish Eye as its range for vision is extremely effective on almost all maps. You get instant notification in a large area that has a medium cooldown. I usually leave it to cover mid lane, but to give enough time for bottom/top (depending on map) to know they are getting a triple gank from the enemy team. Usually doesn't even occur because of the grand scale of the vision range on the egg. Zagara has this kind of vision too, but in a different style, and some negatives that go along with it. Her vision is easier to clear, she can't freely place creep until 20, and her vision is easily avoidable if not being managed properly.

Zagara has to play safe when playing against creep clearers and play from a distance. Murky on the other hand has a visual cue of when he can actually die. Since people can more freely attack your egg since it is more out in the open and gives an indicator of the area, your egg will definitely die more than if you were to choose one of the other two talents. However, having this knowledge in mind, we now have that timer. Keeping an eye on the mini map isn't a hard thing to do when farming with murky since you are not really threatened by your surroundings because of your short respawn timer.

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Knowing when your egg is going to die is more important than your immediate death. Keep an eye on the mini map whenever possible. Check your egg, rotations, enemy positioning, your teams positioning, and what they are doing. You most likely have your egg next to them and are mildly AFK farming one of the other two empty lanes. The enemy team then splits off to deal with your XP soaking, meanwhile your team mate notices the rotation going through his lane and slows them down. When they finally get bottom you suicide as Murky, instantly teleporting top into a 4vWhatever with CC.


There are nifty things you can do with his egg as well, as use it as bait. Your team have vision too, they can see the motions they take to try and kill the egg. If they engage onto the egg instead of an ally, it's an easy engagement for your tank, and that makes your job easier as Murky when the tank is having a grand time. You can even replace it as they are going for it to still have it up, leaving them with having to win the team fight to claim the egg.

Zagara uses her presence differently since she is only able to travel across certain points of the map, they have a long cooldown, and it is more focused obviously on getting from point A to point B than Murky's playstyle is. However with all of this said, Zagara outshines Murky in both damage and range.

You could probably protest that Xul is the best Minion Slayer out there when it comes to a map like Blackhearts Bay, but when it comes down to it he is also one of the most vulnerable characters to gank between the minion clearers since he is Melee. (No one ganks murky, come off it.)

That being said, Murky is probably the best in his field because he can also double soak. He can not do it with someone that can clear his puffer following him around or a person in each lane, but if you keep the enemy offbeat you can constantly double soak against the enemy double soaker without having to worry about your puffer.

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All in all, Murky is probably the best in his field in my eyes. Has all the good qualities a soaker needs. Hard to kill, easy wave clear, good damage output, probably farming quests on you, is giving his team utility while you are not (probably), and can disappear at a moments notice to go gank your team while you struggle to clear his wave. I would like to hear any counter-arguments against our lord and savior, however, I will not tolerate any misguided, misinformed, or entitled comments about why Murky is a trash hero.

This is already essentially an Essay, but I just wanted to get this off my mind. Murky constantly gets hate for being a "Bad" hero. I get it a lot. Doesn't matter my winrate on him. It doesn't matter the level I have on him. All that matters is that Murky is trash and that I should feel bad for playing him, as the teammate then starts throwing the game to prove his point.

I just want to say: Murky is love. Murky is life. Get off my dick, or I'll cut you with a knife.

TL;DR Mrrrglglgl Mrrrglglgl mother fuckers.

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