Heroes of the Storm

My adventure in the realm of the gods!

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - My adventure in the realm of the gods!

Hey! I'll try to make it short but I wanted to share my current situation as I think it's pretty interesting.

So I've been playing HOTS pretty much since beta, but almost exclusively in QP. Sometimes I'm a terrible player, sometimes I'm a great player. I have no knowledge of the current meta, the tricks, the "common knowledge"… I just don't have it. I don't watch Esports, I don't watch HOTS on Twitch. But I have a ton of experience, a good game sense and I'd like to think I'm a great teamplayer. I would probably consider myself somewhere in the top 10-25% players, but I'm unstable, since I lack a lot of technical knowledge. However, with my experience, I know all the spells, effects, ranges, most of the talents, and I got a great feel of "what needs to be done and when".

So.. that led me somewhere I don't belong! For some seasons now, I have been curious and tried ranked. I stopped after my placement matches, everytime. And it seems Blizzard remembers last season's rankings for the next season, so…

My first season : plat 1. Ok.

Second season : Diamond 5. Oh, cool.

Third : Diamond 1. Oh, snap! Cool.

This season… I got lucky and found great teammates. As mentioned previously, even though I lack a LOT of stuff that would make me a great player, I'm a pretty good TEAMplayer, so I was happy just filling with supports and helping my allies. I won my first 7 placement matches in a row and it has become completely insane.


The 8th game's draft was insane. Exclusively masters and GMs, and.. me. Our team picked their desired heroes, and the enemy team proceeded to ban EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM back to back. Our chat was like "WTF", "I call bs" "That's not legit" and someone called "They are stream sniping". Then I got curious, launched twitch on my 2nd monitor.. and I realized two of the GMs in each team were the top two streamers. Holy shit. I don't belong there what the hell am I doing.

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We lost, barely. The whole game had a dynamic that was completely new to me. Nobody made mistakes. Nobody. Everything was flawless from every perspective. The decisions, the fights, the movement, everything. It was perfect. It's terrifying to see a Zuljin that knows his shit and makes zero mistakes, believe me.

I won my 9th game with masters, and I had to go to bed cause… work. I'm working today. Tonight I'll probably do my last ranked game, and I REALLY want to win this one, as with my current results against masters and gms, they'll probably put me where I don't belong… in the high masters where I can actually learn to git gud at the game.

Just wanted to share that little story 😀

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