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My attempt at a Probius rework

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - My attempt at a Probius rework

With the confirmation that we will not have anything new at Blizzcon and also that they are working on some reworks, I decided to share my attempt at a Probius rework with hopes that I give Blizzard some inspiration for this cool hero. What do you think Probius needs? Do you think my rework is OP or not good enough? Maybe too complex?


Base:no mana, now has minerals.

E: Now when clicked, you can drag your mouse in three different sections to build 1 of 3 buildings. You can only have two buildings of any kind on the map and they have unlimited duration. Passive: Probius starts the game with 150 minerals. Enemies who die near him drop minerals. Heroes drop 100, Mercenaries drop 50 and minions drop 10. Whenever probius dies he loses 50% of his minerals. Whenever probius goes near minerals, he collects them in order to use them for buildings.

  1. Gateway: costs 150 minerals, must be created in a power field. Create a gateway that periodically warps in zealots that go to the nearest lane and attack minions, Mercenaries and structures. Zealots warp in every 15 seconds and stay in the lane for 25 seconds.

  2. Photon Cannon: costs 150 minerals, must be created in a power field.

  3. Shield Battery: costs 100 minerals, must be created in a power field. Creates a shield Battery that shields the lowest health allied hero in its range. Shields are generated at 5% of the hero's max hp/s and are capped at 15% of their max hp. Shields persist for 2 seconds after exiting a Pylon Power Field.

Z: Now can't be interrupted up to 0.5 seconds after the start.

Now has an active that empowers his next basic attack to do 100% more damage and allows him to target his own structures with his next basic attack. If you attack a structure created by probius, it is instantly destroyed. Cd:10s


Level 1: Removed: Echo Pulse;Gather Minerals; Added: E: quest: Every time a photon cannon hits an enemy hero, photon cannon's damage is permanently increased by 0.2% Quest: Gather Minerals: Increase mineral collection range by 50%. Reward: When you reach 1000 unused minerals, your worker rush ability also grants you unstoppable for 0.75 seconds.

Level 4: Removed: Photon Barrier; Added: E quest: Shield 2000 damage. Reward: Shield battery costs 50 minerals and you can have an additional shield battery on the map.

Level 7: Removed:Particle Accelerator;Rift Shock;Tower Defense; Added: Active: grants 100 shields/s, up to 250 shields and 15% increased healing, for 5 seconds to all allies in а power field. Shields decay over 2 seconds after exiting the power field. Cooldown 45 seconds. Passive: Allies in a power field have 10% increased movement speed.

Active: grants 15% attack speed and attack damage and 50% life steal to all allies in a power field for 5 seconds. Cooldown 45 seconds. Passive: Allies in a power field have 10% increased movement speed.

Active: grants 20%spell power+15 mana regen/s to allies in power field for 5 seconds.Cooldown 45 seconds. Passive: Allies in a power field have 10% increased movement speed.

Active: All enemies in a power field take 5% of their maximum health as damage every second for 5 seconds. Cooldown 45 seconds. Passive: Enemies in a power field are slowed by 10%.

Level 10: No changes;

Level 13: Removed: Aggressive Matrix; Power Overflowing; Shield Battery; Added: Q: The first enemy hit by Disruption Pulse is revealed and has 20% reduced spell power for 1 second.

D: All buildings gain a shield equal to 20% of their hp and also regenerate health if they have not taken damage for the last 4 seconds.

W: Gravity Well Enemies are slowed more the closer they are to the center of the Warp Rift, up to a maximum slow of 50%.

Level 16: Removed:Quantum Entanglement;Gravity Well;Interference; Added: E: Gateway: Zealot Charge: Zealots charge when an enemy is in range, gaining 50% movement speed and dealing a bonus aa on impact. In addition zealots spawn 5 seconds faster. Gain an active that allows you to target all zealots to move or attack.


E: Gateway: Stargate: Instead of a gateway, this is now a Stargate. The Stargate automatically produces a Carrier every 30 seconds. That carrier lasts for 60 seconds. The carrier sends interceptors to attack from afar. Gain an active that allows you to target all carriers to move or attack.

E: Photon Cannon: Photon Cannon gets +1 range. For every attack against the same enemy, the cannon gains +1 range. Lose this range if it changes targets or it hasn't attacked in a number of seconds equal to the charges, capped at 5. Gain an active that allows you to retarget all cannons. If the cannons can not target the specified enemy, they continue to attack their previous target.

E: Shield Battery: the shield batteries also give +1 armour every 0.3 seconds, stacking up to 20. Gain an active that allows you to retarget all shield batteries. If the batteries can not target the specified ally, they continue to attack their previous target.

Level 20: Removed:Shoot 'Em Up; Probius Loop; Added: Active: Chronoboost: Target one of Probius' structures to empower it for 10 seconds. Target a Gateway/Stargate to make it produce 50% faster. Target a Cannon to make it shoot 30% faster. Target a shield battery to make it shield up to 25% of the hero's maximum hp for 10%of it/s.

PRO-BIUS: Probius gains 69% increased hp and 150% increased attack dmg and becomes 10% larger.

My useless commentary: I really liked the hero when he was not useless and he had a relative use up until the Tassadar rework. Right now, I think Tassadar is just a better Probius, so I tried to distinguish him, while not making a whole new hero. The main thing I did was expand the Building idea, because I thought only a cannon was not enough. Obviously it will need a bit of balancing, but I think it will give a niche to Probius as a good setup for teamfight on objectives that can do both shielding or damage depending on what the team needs. Also because of his hybrid nature, I would label him as a support. The minerals are now used instead of mana because I think it is an integral part of a probe. All mineral costs I kept the same as in StarCraft 2 and that's why the mineral drops are strange numbers. The E ability itself would function the same as when you press G to ping(you have to drag your mouse to the right quarter), but here you would have to hit only the right third 😀 I removed many of his old talents as I feel they are very boring and shifted the focus from his Q and W to his E. W and Q would still be quite useful, as they are his main source of waveclear and zoning. Now they will no longer be his main source of damage, as you can permanently have two photon cannons at the battlefield. And at 16, you can even target them at an enemy. The shield battery would provide defense for your team, if it needs it, maybe you have a good Valla that you can enable, or your 4 man deals enough damage by themselves, so you can make sure they die harder. And lastly, the Gateway, opens up the possibility, together with the active that allows you to destroy buildings, to push another lane, while you are in the 5v5, something like a pseudo-global. This, of course, comes with the disadvantage of having only 1 pylon in the fight. The zealots are a straight copy of Abathur's locusts at the moment, that will probably need to be changed. Carriers have no stats, as I have little idea how they would work, all I want is a skytoss in HotS. Otherwise their purpose is to be ranged damage dealers, which stay near Probius. As always Probius would struggle in fights he has not enough setup for, but now if he sets up he would hopefully be a tier S hero. Poke and dive comps could ruin his setup if they focus his buildings, but he could also try and hide them.

Lastly, this is my third iteration of a Probius rework, so if you are interested, you can see my other attempts
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