Heroes of the Storm

My attempt at a Rexxar guide!

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - My attempt at a Rexxar guide!

Sorry for any formatting issues, this is the first guide I have ever written.

I will be talking about how to begin playing him, and how I actually play him now, as he is difficult to play what I consider optimally. Currently I am over 400 games lifetime, 74% WR in QM and TL this season at mid Diamond with Rexxar as of writing this.

Why should you read this?

You’re interested in playing Rexxar and want some ideas, or you want to read about how someone else plays him.


I use on release for Q, W, and R. E and D should both be quick cast, your passive almost has to be quick cast in order to actually control misha well and get to the point you can body block with her. Use D to target misha on other things, and alt+D to get misha out of fights. She gets +30% movespeed when D is self cast, and typically she is going in and out of fights frequently or she dies. I also recommend playing with your mouse sensitivity pretty high.


My primary build is Easy Prey, Hunter Gatherer, Aspect of the Beast, Unleash the Boars, Dire Beast, Thrill of the Hunt, and then Frenzy of Kalimdor or Kill Command.

The primary build is easier to use and do your full damage, as the increased auto attack speed takes some getting used to. Primary build is also better for taking camps.

Secondary build: Bird of prey, Hunter Gatherer, Taking Flight, either ult, Aspect of the Hawk, Thrill of the Hunt, ultimate upgrade or Frenzy of Kalimdor.

Secondary build I use on Braxis or Dragonshire. Misha fights the other hero on the point, and Rexxar can push the lane. This makes them either lose soak or lose the point. You take Aspect of the Hawk mainly for the mana return, healing the bear will starve you of mana.

Beginners: should go my primary build usually but with feign death if the enemy are focusing Rexxar himself. On maps where you will be soloing a lot you can consider going Bestial wrath at 10 so misha can trade much better. Once you are stutter stepping with Rexxar pretty well you should probably start taking Thrill of the hunt.

Trap talents

Flare: Only time you can take this is if your team has someone else to take camps and has tons of waveclear. You never have enough of that realistically, so don’t take flare even though the vision is pretty decent.

Animal husbandry: Your heal on misha is a flat amount, not percentage based, so your healing doesn’t exactly get buffed. More regeneration and damage mitigation is better than just more health bar that you can potentially lose all of with one bad fight. (it does kind of give you 2 health regeneration)

Feign death

I know I said for beginners to consider taking this, but once you can stutter step with Rexxar and still micro Misha you will get more value from the move speed buff by dodging skillshots and having near mount speed to just leave the fight, chase, etc. (an exception example is if you keep getting pyro blasted).

When to draft

Right now he is a great bruiser, in my opinion he is best suited for a dive composition. He has tons of cc to just let your team run over the other team. Baseline q is 30% reduced movespeed, which is more than Jaina’s trait. Initiation with Unleash the Boars is incredible, basically a team wide 50% slow that has a 1.5 second root upgrade at level 20. A dive team want to stick to whoever they are damaging and Rexxar has a ton of tools to help with that.


2 ways to play it: chunk the enemy solo laner and go for a kills, or clear the lane quickly and go take a camp/get globes (which is easier).

  • Chunk combo: misha stun, Rexxar aa one or two, Q, more aa if possible.
    • Body block with misha after Q to keep them in range
    • Good for Braxis holdout or Dragonshire, as you’re in lane a long time.
    • Use the enemies globes as bait
  • Use misha stun on the wave then q, aa’s to finish. Then go take a camp, much faster after 7 with stun CD reduction.
    • Use misha stun when she is almost past the melee minions so it reaches the archers but still damages the front.
    • Good technique for Sky temple and Infernal Shrines for example, camps are close by/lots.
  • Use misha as a ward to anchor for yourself
  • If you won’t likely get a kill, clear quick then grab a camp or go get a globe from somewhere else. After 7 with the stun CD reduction you can take camps quickly.
  • Rexxar sustain is low until globe talent
  • Use enemy globe to bait them farther forward and then do the chunk combo

Ganking: Do the chunk combo but with more focus on body blocking with misha to enable your ally (this is the easiest practice for misha body blocks).


Soloing boss: Not worth the time usually, best time to do it is if you have Bestial wrath and Dire beast. I’ve probably solo’d boss once, maybe twice, in my last 100 games.

Mid game

  • Globe quest needs to be done during this time
  • ALWAYS lead with the bear during rotations
  • Save stuns for something useful: initiation, follow up, peel, helping your team land skillshots (stun targets in jaina blizzard for example), etc.
  • Dire beast can really chunk when stacked, you see a 3+ man stun. It’s worth it.
    • Dire beast will be mostly if not fully stacked by the time you get the stun back if you are auto attacking pretty well.
  • Tower dive by putting misha in range to tank for your team and ping to dive them
    • Takes coordination
  • During fights use the heal when you know misha will take damage, don’t save it for when she is already low
  • Easy prey+Dire beast will clear an entire wave when half stacked
  • Initiate fights with Boars ideally, you can also use it as a disengage.

Late game

  • A decent team can kill misha really fast, that’s okay if it’s for a kill
  • Sometimes it is better to go stun the enemy team/healer rather than the focus target so they can’t save them
  • Start the fight with boar ult, it takes time for the boars to get to the target
  • Once you can stutter step with rexxar and body block with misha you can chase squishies super easily with Thrill of the hunt
  • Anchor with Misha whenever you can

While Misha is dead

  • Act like a squishy ranged dps
  • Your main follow up is the slow from your Q to enable your DPS, try to use it near the end of the stun/root duration instead of the beginning.

Example matchups: characters that I have found to be more difficult to lane versus

  • Zagara: engage when hydralisk has already been used, if they only use it on Rexxar just clear the lane quickly and wait for Zag to run out of mana.
  • Alarak: Engage after his combo. If he saves it for Rexxar himself just clear the lane and get a camp or something. Alarak cannot keep up with you.
  • Butcher: Don’t send Misha in with less than half health and a heal almost ready. Misha deaths give him meat stacks just like any other hero kill.
  • Malthael: engage after minions are dead, don’t let the mark get on Rexxar. If it does just back off.
  • General ranged dps: they will just starve you of mana while kiting misha. Just stun the lane then finish it off with Rexxar aa’s
  • General melee dps: Poke with Rexxar aa and stun when they try to engage.

Positioning in teamfights

Rexxar himself plays like a ranged dps, have Misha going in and out of the fights with D and alt+D looking for setup stuns or follow up stuns. Q can be used for backline peels in order to keep Misha in the frontline.


It’s not super hard to be decent with Rexxar, but getting to be able to body block with misha is actually a pretty big deal. It takes practice to do that and keep Rexxar auto attacking. Dire Beast is easier than Aspect of the Hawk because you keep the same auto attack speed the entire game, and the stun stacks line up pretty well with the stun CD. Rexxar is great because you have presence in the frontline and backline for peels and damage. Any questions?

If the other dozen Rexxar mains read this, feel free to share your top tips also!


  • Clear the lane fast then go get a camp or get a globe from another lane
  • Stun who your damage is focusing, and body block with the bear afterwards
  • Use the heal as you send misha into teamfights, instead of after she has already taken damage
  • Pick Rexxar when you need a solo laner, more cc, and someone that can take camps
  • Use misha to dive for kills under towers, forts, keeps

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