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My Attempt at Rebalancing Hogger

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - My Attempt at Rebalancing Hogger

I have been playing Hogger a lot lately and I really love this hero. He is obviously a little too strong right now, which is why I took my sporadic ideas and compiled them into this neat little concept of a Hogger rework. With these changes he should be a little less overpowered and a lot more fun and balanced. I am open to suggestions and corrections if anything seems too odd or crazy. Long story short, here it is:

> healing per second reduced from 3% to 1% and lasts 3 seconds instead of 4.

> now launches a chunk of meat towards Hogger when stunning a hero.

> instant explosions now launch a chunk of meat towards Hogger.

Comment: now Hogger has to actually do a lot of hard work by landing those skillshots to get that huge Meat healing. This change would also make > at lvl 20 a lot more attractive, since dynamite created by the Hoardapult Loot Hoard would also create Meat (maybe).

> does only 50% of its damage to non-heroic targets. Comment: while effortlessly cleaning lanes and especially camps within seconds is fun and all, I think that it is not fair to give Hogger a power that no other bruiser (except maybe Sonya) really has.

lvl 1

>: removed. Instead: Meat heals 100% more (i.e. 2% per second) Quest: pick up 100 chunks of meat. Reward: Staggering Blow’s cooldown is reduced to 8 seconds.

>: Additional functionality: increases the duration of meat healing effect by 2 seconds.

>: Cooldown reduced to 30s. Healing per second is increased from 9 to 11.

Comments: Journeyman Cooking seems like it belongs to the Dynamite-type Hogger, but in fact it adds very little to the build. I have played Dynamite Hogger a lot, and one thing that really frustrated me was that the cooldown of Staggering Blow is much longer than that of Ez-Throw Dynamite. My suggested version not only fits the name of the talent better, but also provides a very poweful reward. Maybe even too powerful, hence I buffed the other 2 talents a little. Bones To Gnaw armor effect now lasts a lot longer, and On the Prowl’s Rage maintenance potential is a lot bigger now due to decreased cooldown. It also makes up for lost self-sustain from the nerfed Meat.

lvl 4

>: Additional Functionality: Increases the radius of Staggering Blow arc by 15%.


Comment: As for me, this talent is weird. Radius increase for Loot Hoard has always been something unnecessary and it doesn’t really make stunning heroes easier. Even if I throw the Hoard at its full range, the knockback from Staggering blow would never reach it. So, in order to give this talent some appeal, I made the range of Staggering Blow fit the range increase of Loot Hoard. This change also affects the Dynamite Build positively, since it finally closes that frustrating range gap between Staggering Blow and Ez-Throw Dynamite with lvl 16 talent >.

>: Increase Rage gained by hitting non-heroes from 0.5 to 1 and by hitting heroes from 2 to 3.

Comment: Now that Hogg Wild’s PvE power isn’t so scary anymore, we can bring some of its power back.

>: While above 30 rage, gain 15% move speed and increased healing. While above 50 rage, increase these by an additional 10%.

Comment: as it is now, Hogger’s Joggers is really underwhelming. I think that with such increase, Hogger would be a lot scarier in melee range, and gain something that he sucks at: chasing heroes.

lvl 7

>: No longer applies cooldown reduction to Staggering Blow.

Comment: I think 4 seconds from the new Journeyman Cooker in addition to CDR from Rage is more than enough CDR for this ability.

lvl 13

>: Now affects Ez-throw dynamite.

Comment: None of the other talents at lvl 13 really promotes Hogger’s hidden poke potential as Bloodthirst. Since it isn’t picked much anyway, buffing it this way would make both his unpopular builds (AA build and Dynamite build) more tempting to try.

lvl 16

>: Decreased additional stun duration from 0.5s to 0.25s. Bonus damage reduced from 8% to 6%.

Comment: the new Journeyman Cooking gives Staggering Blow too much power, which should come online at around lvl 16. Therefore, to make the other talents more appealing, it makes sense to tone Headbanger down a bit.

lvl 20

>: Additional Functionality: increase Attack Speed by 0.5% per point of Rage.

Comment: Anger Management seems really underwhelming as it is now. With this change, Hogger’s auto-attack oriented builds should see a huge powerspike at lvl 20, in addition to one at lvl 7 with Seeing Red.

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