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My best loss yet (even though it’s the same reason I lose)

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - My best loss yet (even though it's the same reason I lose)

Oh my god… I had my best loss yet. Not cause it was epic or anything.. but cause the reason we lost is the reason I hated my ally to begin with. (Well not the main reason, they were just disrespectfull after I asked them)

Team: Alarak, Cain, Johanna (me), Tassadar, Vikings.

Enemy team: Qhira, Cassia, ETC, Auriel and Lunara.

So our 1st engage happens. We are Dragon Shire with Vikings. So we can't go for 1st blood. What does our Alarak do? Go for 1st blood with his partner tassa. Right infront of me. So naturally I die for it and I asked Alarak to not do it again.
Then he starts mocking me saying his nova is a better tank. (good start….)
I keep wanting to rotate lanes to put pressure on the enemy by taking top.. No response. So I do what they want and.. Alarak just sits back and stares…I die horribly. He wasnt on cooldowns by the way…
Again he keeps mocking me and insulting me with his tassadar buddy and I just had it.
I block them then decide to not play their game anymore. They wanna fight on bottom permanently let them. I am going top.
So naturally we start losing, but they (from what I heard from vikings) Kept insulting me and being immature. Eventually… they wisen up and listen and we turn the match around easily by working together. No more staring, no more bsing, just being patient and WAITING for me to make a move.

Okay enemy is down 5, we can rush their core with vikings going objective.
We kill Qhira who respawns so 4 enemies will respawn. I cautionously try to hit the core and be up front.
GUESS WHAT ALARAK DOES!? Decides it's a better idea to stand CLOSER to the enemy spawn, away from Deckard's pots and infront of me. He dies horribly…Okay no problem we can.. ooh no.. tassa put up a bad wall and messes up the continious fight… well vikings is on the way with DK. DK Melts.. enemy wipes us out they win.


I couldn't stop laughing at the irony. We were winning when they listened and I asked Alarak to never be infront of me and he mocked it… to it only be our ultimate downfall.

Do note: I didn't play nice after 4 minutes of Alarak and Tassadar being an asshole to me for warning them about the enemy draft and being rude to me and insulting me. (We are talking jouvenli behaviour with some nice 11 year old vocabulary and the whole: "nice insult bro!" behaviour)
We could have had a better match yes.. but since playing with my team gets me insulted by two teammates and them just laughing and staring at me dieing… I am obivously not gonna bang my head against the wall. What I did by splitting off from my team to teach them a lesson in ranked is NOT NICE, but since half the team was already against me. I decided to simply split off.

Alarak's mistake MAY have not costed us if we played better early on. But I wouldn't know.
But it shows it's the same reason I lose in general.

TL;DR: I asked alarak to stay behind or near the tank (Not infront), he mocked me with his buddy, I decided to not play their methode cause it keeps getting me insulted and killed, did my way, eventually they did my way, to only have the last fight be the loss the exact same way I asked Alarak not to do.

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