Heroes of the Storm

My Bronze to Master : Statistics and explanations

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - My Bronze to Master : Statistics and explanations


I know you guys don't like Bronze to Master things, but please, consider my post and then downvote 😀

It's a one that want to help you to improve.

Sorry for my bad english if I do some mistakes.

I'm Ouille, a Grand Master player for 3 years and player since alpha.

I love this game and put a lof of time in it. I've organized & participated to tournaments, did some coaching, streaming etc … Anyway, let's get back to the main subject.

I'm here to tell you there is no elo hell, he doesn't exist. If you think you are in the elo hell and can't grind, YOU are the "elo hell."

I'm doing a Bronze to Master with certain rules :

  1. Everything is streamed
  2. Every league I change my role, the chat voted in the begin of the adventure in which order they wanted the roles for the leagues. This configuration was the most upvoted.Bronze : Support only / Silver : Solo lane only / Gold : DPS range only / Platinum : DPS Melee only / Diamond : Tank only
  3. – Whatever is happening the draft, I stick to my role (I basically get a second solo lane, or second support etc … I try to pick first most of the time to not ruin the draft)
  4. – I play all heroes in the game (except 3) and I ask sometimes the chat which one they want to see

I did a document where you can see the progression with Winrates, heroes played, rank etc … Check it out !

edit?usp=sharing - My Bronze to Master : Statistics and explanations


Why do I do this BTM ?

First of all, personnal challenge, I wanted to do it for long.

Secondary, I want to proove people that whatever the league, whatever the role, you can grind if you're good enough and this is not the fault of your "mates".

Finally, just talk with people about it especially on my stream.

So now, some advices of why you don't improve :


-If you don't grind, you deserve your rank, that's all.

"Of course you win you are Grand Master vs low elos"

If you're good, you will grind. It depends on how good you are. If you're slightly better and try to win, you will grind gradually with a 52/53% WR. If you're way better, you'll grind with a +65% WR.

-Always stay focus, don't tilt, don't surrend, don't be toxic. I've seen so much people telling such bad things that could tilt everyone. You must NEVER tilt. Keep cool, relax. "It's lost"; injuries; "gg lost draft"; "no need soak (lvl 1); and many many things ..

Tilting people or yourself is the best way to make them surrend in the game and increase the chances of loosing.

-Don't look after your mates, stay focus on YOUR gameplay. 98% of the time, if you loose, it's your fault. You did something wrong. Placement ? Pick ? lost in your mind ? My defeats on this bronze to master are my fault.

-Follow a call that is bad, even if he's bad. If everybody follow a call that you think is bad, follow it. You better do a risky boss as 5 than ping retreat 10 times and let them 4v5. You're the one wrong.

-Play heroes you're confident on. Don't play carry because "I can't carry as support". You'll be the one useless as a carry.

-Watch streams, watch some esport, get some coaching (free or not) to improve.

-Communicate with your team, in draft, in game, with calls. If she doesn't listen, whatever ! You tried. Also, try to relax them when people tilt "Chill, we got it, our comp is fine" etc …

I probably forgot things to write, but feel free to ask anything I'll answer with pleasure.

I'm french but you can follow my adventure on https://
Ouille - My Bronze to Master : Statistics and explanations

Twitch.tv/Ouille if it does interest you. For now, all the vod's are up since the Bronze 3.

Thank you for reading !

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