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My Concept for a Support-focused Probius Redesign

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - My Concept for a Support-focused Probius Redesign

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I'm going to foreword this with a couple of caveats:

  1. I'm not the biggest Probius player in the world. I got him to Level 5 and haven't really played him since. I don't enjoy his playstyle but I understand that other people do and I don't really want to sacrifice that.

  2. I'm not a particularly good or competitive player. I almost exclusively play QM or ARAM and I'm not going to claim I know the meta or anything like that. For that reason, I'm not even going to attempt to suggest numbers in this because I have no idea what would or would not be properly balanced. This will purely be conceptual.

So, with that out of the way, I want to talk about my concept for a Probius rework.

My aims here are threefold:

  • Bring Probius closer to the 'Probe' fantasy

  • Retain Probius' playstyle for those who like it

  • Avoid encroaching on other characters' niches (Cough Gazlowe Cough)

As a final aim, I'd also like to fill out the support roster a bit more, since it lost a character in Tassadar and currently has a measly 4 heroes to its name.

My overall plan is to keep Probius' abilities the same, but tweak them to shift the power from his burst damage to a greater utility-based kit based more heavily around his pylons.


D – Warp In Pylon

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Warp in a Pylon that generates a Power Field and grants vision of the surrounding area. 2 Pylons can be active at a time.

Passive – Power Field

Pylons generate a Power Field that can provide various benefits to Probius and his allies. While in the Power Field, Probius regenerates mana.

Q – Disruption Pulse

75 Mana Cooldown: 3 seconds

Fire a burst of energy forward, dealing X damage to all enemies it passes through. Hitting the center of a Warp Rift will cause it to explode, dealing additional damage. Disruption Pulse returns to Probius 1.25 seconds after reaching its target, dealing 75% damage on the return trip.

W – Warp Rift

150 Mana Cooldown: 6 seconds

Open an unstable Warp Rift at a location that takes 1.25 seconds to arm, which then slows nearby enemies by 25% lasting 9 seconds, after which it will detonate, dealing X damage to nearby enemies.

Armed Warp Rifts will detonate early when hit by Disruption Pulse. Stores up to 2 charges.

E – Photon Cannon

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Warp in a Photon Cannon that deals X damage per second. Lasts for 10 seconds. Must be placed within a Pylon's Power Field. Deactivates if it doesn't have a Pylon powering it.

R1 – Pylon Overcharge

100 Mana Cooldown: 80 seconds

Active: Pylon's Power Field grants allied Heroes and Photon Cannons X% increased Attack Speed for 10 seconds

Passive: Increases Power Field size by 33%

R2 – Shield Battery

300 Mana Cooldown: 100 Seconds

Warp in a Shield Battery that lasts for 10 seconds and creates shields around allied heroes, Photon Cannons and Pylons in range for X% of their maximum health. When damaged, these shields regenerate at a rate of X% per second. If the Shield Battery is destroyed, allies instantly lose their shields.

Z – Worker's Rush

Cooldown: 30 seconds Activate to gain an additional 50% Movement Speed for 5 seconds. Taking damage ends this effect early. Passive: Probius moves 10% faster by hovering over the ground.

So, there aren't many changes to the main kit. I baked > into the main kit because I just thought it was a fun thing that makes the character more enjoyable to play and I made it so Warp Rifts detonate automatically when they run out of time. However, the big changes are with the ultimates. Pylon Overcharge has been changed to fit better with a supportive kit and I completely replaced > with Shield Battery as I feel that Null Gate is an awkward ability that only benefits from bottlenecking in maps and it didn't really fit on my more support-focussed concept. I still wanted to stick with the Builder fantasy though and went to look at other protoss structures. Shield Battery stood out to me as the obvious choice for a supportive kit, and I think the fact that the battery can be targeted and destroyed makes it a more interesting ability that requires strategy to use.

However, we now get onto talents which I like to think change the focus of the kit to a more supportive light.


Tier 1, Level 1

Regeneration Field – Trait

Pylon's Power Field grants X health per second to allied Heroes and Photon Cannons

Void Pylon – Trait

Pylons gain a shield that increases health by X% and can regenerate over time. Photon Cannons last indefinitely as long as they remain within a Power Field. Only two Photon cannons can be active at a time.

Tal'Darim Pylon – Trait

Pylon's Power Field grants allied Heroes 10% increased Spell Power and 2 Mana per second. Increase Photon Cannon damage by X%

Tier 1 is focused on choosing the basic utility for your pylons. I took Kharazim's Tier 1 talents as a bit of inspiration, where you have three similar talents that branch off in different ways. I also think it would be fun if the Pylons changed depending on what you take: Regeneration Field would leave you with the classic blue and gold pylons. Void Pylons would go with the Nerazim green and Tal'darim would give you that edgy red look. Not a necessary thing but I think it would be cool. Anyway, I think these 3 talents help to solidify Probius as a builder with each one providing support in a different way: Regeneration Field provides some nice passive healing, Void Pylons have added survivability and support a defensive Photon Cannon build and Tal'Darim Pylons allow for more aggressive combat.


Tier 2, Level 4

Power Overwhelming – Q

Detonating a Warp Rift with Disruption Pulse grants Probius X mana and makes the next Disruption Pulse within 5 seconds deal 50% more damage

Warp Drive- W

Whenever a Rift explosion hits 2 or more enemy Heroes, reduce the cooldown of Warp In Pylon and Photon Cannon by 2 seconds.

Quest- Brave Little Probe – Z

Quest: Gather minerals dropped by enemy Heroes and minions upon death

Reward: Activating Worker's Rush now grants Unstoppable for 3 seconds

Passive: Gathering a Regeneration Globe reduces the Cooldown of Worker's Rush by 3 seconds

Tier 2 varies things up a bit more and we have three different builds: Power Overwhelming supports the classic Burst Mage sort of build. Warp Drive focuses on aggressive building and Brave Little Probe helps keep Probius mobile and protects him against flankers and melee. Also, I debated calling it Brave Little Toaster instead.

Tier 3, Level 7

Mass Detonation – Active

Cooldown: 30 Seconds

Detonates all active Warp Rifts instantly

Trickshot – Q

Hitting an enemy Hero with Disruption Pulse causes it to bounce to another enemy Hero within range, dealing X increased damage per enemy hit. Each Hero can be hit once by a single cast of Disruption Pulse. If Disruption Pulse has bounced to a Hero, it will no longer return to Probius

Regenerative Loop – E

Photon Cannons heal for X% of the damage they deal

Mass Detonation supports a heavy Warp build and can help with both the aggressive builder focus of Warp Drive and a more standard AoE damage build. Trickshot gives Disruption Pulse more use outside of simply proccing Warp detonations. Regenerative Loop is my only Photon Cannon exclusive taleny as most of the Trait talents indirectly buff Photon Cannon. However, I think giving the Cannons some self-sustain could be helpful too.

Tier 5, Level 13

Quality Workmanship – Trait

Probius and his structures gain 10% increased health

Warp Infusion – W

If Probius is within his own Warp Rift when it detonates, the cooldown of Warp Rift is reduced by 3 seconds and he gains 25 Armor.

Kinetic Barrier – Z

While Worker's Rush is active, Probius gains shields equal to X% of his maximum health. These shields last for 5 seconds after Worker's Rush ends or until destroyed. Worker's Rush is no longer interrupted by taking damage.

Tier 5 is all about Self-Sustain but I like to think I created a few interesting takes on it, depending on build choice.

Tier 6, Level 16

Cloaking Field – Trait

Pylon's Power Field grants allied Heroes and Photon Cannons stealth after 3 seconds. Stealth ends 3 seconds after leaving the Power Field or upon dealing or taking damage. Remaining stationary for at least 1.5 seconds while Stealthed grants Invisible.

Siphoning Field – Trait

Pylon's Power Field damages enemy Heroes for X damage per second

Overclock – Active

Cooldown: 60 Seconds

Probius gains 10% Movement Speed and 100% increased AA damage for 5 seconds

Damaging enemy heroes with auto attacks reduces the cooldown by 5 seconds

Tier 6 is another Trait-focused tier with Cloaking Field providing defensive benefits and Siphoning Field allowing the Pylons to be used more offensively/provide area control. Overclock is sort of a memey ability but could be handy in the right scenarios.

Tier 7, Level 20

AutoDefense Mechanisms – R1

Causes Pylons to deal X Damage per second to a nearby enemy, prioritising Heroes, while Pylon Overcharge is not active. Pylon Overcharge also regenerates allied Heroes' mana for the duration of the ability.

Protoss Ingenuity – R2

Shield Battery provides X% more shields to allied Heroes and Photon Cannons. Shield Battery generates its own shield.

Construct Additional Pylons – Trait

Probius can now have up to 3 active Pylons. Allied Heroes and Photon Cannons within the Power Fields of two or more Pylons receive double the benefits.

Warp Stone – Active

Cooldown: 60 seconds

Active: Allows Probius to select a nearby pylon to warp to.

Passive: Automatically warps Probius to the nearest Pylon if he drops below 10% maximum health. Activates the Cooldown of Warp Stone.

I made Construct Additional Pylons into its own thing instead of linking it to Pylon Overcharge, since Pylons are more important to the whole kit in this version. In support of that, I liked the idea of multiple Power Fields increasing the benefits provided by the Pylons, allowing for more strategic placing of pylons to maximise the benefits. To replace it, I created AutoDefence Mechanisms which essentially gives a passive, weaker version of the original Pylon Overcharge while providing a small buff to allies. Protoss Ingenuity gives Shield Battery more survivability in the late game as well as buffing it a bit. Warp Stone gives Probius a fun teleport and can serve as a crutch for players who might not be able to pull out quickly, especially with the passive part. If Warp Stone is too powerful, a tradeoff could be that it destroys whatever Pylon you warp to.


So, yeah. That's my idea for a Probius rework. I think it helps to keep the burst assassins parts of his kit relatively powerful while pushing towards the more supportive builder that I feel a Probe should be. I'm sure people have opinions on what works and what doesn't, so I'd love to hear them. This is my first attempt at a HotS character design and I've been sitting on it for a long while because of how much there is to do with it, but I think it came out as quite a fun character.

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