Heroes of the Storm

My failed ideas in one post.

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - My failed ideas in one post.
  1. Nazeebo's Icе Blоck changes to Unity with Spirits :

Activate to place Nazeebo in Stasis for 1.5 seconds and Stealth for 3 seconds, after stasis grant 15% bonus of movement speed for time (max 3 sec) depend on duration of Stasis. Cooldown: 60 seconds. 
  1. Anub'arak's Hardened Shield and Rewind change to Beetle's Self-Will :

    Activate to recharge basic abilities cooldown on 200% faster and gain 40 Armor for 4 seconds. cooldown 60 seconds.

  2. E.T.C.'s Imposing Presence change on Heaviness of Rock:

    Activation of "Rockstar"(Trait) and basic attacks reduce Attack Speed for nearby enemy Heroes on 20% and movement speed on 10% for 1.5 seconds .

  3. E.T.C.'s Storm Shield and Bolt of the Storm change on The Stage is Opened :

    Create large area for 6 seconds , activation Rockstar(trait) in this zone affect targets in this area : increase movement speed on 75% for 0.5 seconds and gain shield in size of 5% of max health during 2 seconds for ally Heroes and E.T.C. , root for 0.3 seconds and deal damage in size 3% of max health for enemy Heroes. Cost: 70 mana. Cooldown: 80 seconds

  4. Muradin's Imposing Presence change to Dizziness:

    Storm Bolt (Q) blind and silence on 0.75 seconds after stun, autoatacks to slowed by Thunder Clap (W) reduce spellpower and attack damage on 20% for 2 seconds.

  5. Muradin's Hardened Shield change to Over Wind:

    Muradin can overheal( after max health) gaining Shield in size this healing, but max Shield can be 442(+4% per lvl) (16% max basic health) (more reasons take Third Wind on 1 lvl)

  6. Muradin's Rewind change to Ready for Battle! :


    Increase Attack Speed on 10% and Basic Ability recharging on 15%.

  7. Illidan's Nexus Blades (Level 20) change on Shaving:

    Illidan's Basic Attacks and Basic Abilities deal 3(+4%) Spell Damage and slow on 3% for 1,5 seconds ,stacks 5 times.

  8. Illidan's Bolt of Storm change to Jumping Rush (active):

    After activation gain additional 1 charge of Sweeping Strike for 6 seconds , next 1 charge of Sweeping Strike deal no damage and no grant bonus damage; it can be used farther (from 100%) to 300%,it's speed and talent cooldown increased to 300% depend on distance. Cooldown 10 seconds (between 10 and 30).

If this talent uses on max distanse then Illidan cry: "The speed is not for you" ; )

  1. Zagara's Fury of the Storm change to Biocorrosion:

    Banelings reduce armor on 5 for 2.5 seconds , stacks 3 time ( to 15). Armor reduction doubles vs minions and mercenaries.

  2. Zeratul's Nexus Blades change to Legacy of the Void(D) :

    Active: grant Unrevealable for 1 second and active Permanent Cloak (D). Cooldown 60 seconds. Passive: Permanent Cloak (D) gain 50 armor , after exiting it grant 25 armor for 3 seconds.

  3. Karazim's Spell Shield change on Willpower :

    Breath of Heaven grant 10 Spell Armor for Ally Heroes and 30 Spell Armor for Karazim during 3 seconds.

  4. Karazim's Storm Shield change to Strong Faith :

    Basic attacks against enemy Heroes grant shield in size 1% of maximum health to Karazim,using Basic Abilities( Q and W ) on Ally Heroes grant them shield in size 3% of maximum health;stack to 6% max hp , duration is 2 seconds.

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