Heroes of the Storm

My first shot at hero crafting…

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - My first shot at hero crafting...

// the numbers are of course, yours — i'm no balance pro. I also leave the cooldowns up to you as I'm sure they woulnd't stay the same either. I'm sorry if some of it is a little hard to understand, I just wrote this, I haven't slept in three days, I have a new job and it makes me nervous.



Game starts by having the player 'Choose a Path'

I put a lot of effort into the Lukou, some of the stuff in healing spray might be OP to start with and may end up being talents.

A)Lukou: Healing, beneficial buffs, healing THROUGH buff. ---------------------------------------------------------- Q: Healing Spray? (I think this spell needs it's own hit box to work...): Heals for 80 at point of impact (minor regen effect? 40 over 3 seconds?), 220 in the center of the blast and 70 for the fallout. The remaining maths (whatever particles aren't physically picked up by a hero) are divided onto the map as green particles and can be collected but dissipate quickly (sort of like the XP things but they remmain in motion). Mechanics are as follows: Starts at Vol'Jin, arching outward in a "spraying" fashion. Think a bottle of Febreeze. Sidebar: I think this is a dope idea. 

 Talents: Anything that increases the amount healed, length of time particles remain up, regen amount. Level 16 could be to turn it into Healing Rain where it heals not unlike tranquility in a larger-than Blizzard (talented Blizzard) AoE, but the heal is a HoT, like damage from Rain of Destruction. 

 W: Brote Parusia (No idea how they spell it in Lord of War, "brothers in arms", cmon you've seen it.): Enchants all nearby friendly melee weapons with either poison (xD) that deals 25-40 damage over 4 seconds. Stacks 3 times. Lasts 12 seconds. OR Fire for +50 magic damage. Lasts 5 seconds. 

 Talents: Added effect for poison could be a slow. Fire could include a burn(DoT) 

 E: Telum Wivae Siccescendo: Enchants a friendly players weapon to leech 5% enemy health per hit. Recast to instead give player mana drain and gain 20 mana per attack and enemy loses 20. Shared cooldown. Lasts 12 seconds. 

 Talents: I'd say this one is on a high GCD so anything to reduce the GCD. B) Shango: Elemental Damage, poison, the troll uses two Kukri. ------------------------------------------------------------- Q: A Natural Surprise: Vol'Jin lunges forward with his tainted Kukri - damaging anything in a straight line for 135 - 185 and then 90 poison damage over 3 seconds. Talents: Added effect - increase movement speed after hitting enemy hero by 30% for 5 seconds. 

 W: The Loa: A weak form of Shango appears on the battlefield (obviously some ai will have to be written for this but, one could probably apply the same algorithms from the Frost Elemental, just substitute different abilities, like: -Spark -Electrocute etcc.... Talents: I have my doubts about this ability, still thinking about it.\ 

 E: Poison Dart: shoots a poison dart at the enemy, dealing 86-123 damage over 6 seconds Talents: reduce DoT time, so instead of 6, could be 3. Increase overall poison. 

C) OGoun: Debuffs, strengthens the team by making others weaker. LOW GDCs, curses SHOULD NOT LAST LONG. ----------------------------- Q: Curse of Frailty: Lowers armor by 25 (AoE, area is similar to Blizzard). Lasts 5 seconds. Talents: Increase armor decrease. Added effect adds slow. 

 W: Curse of Impotence : Lowers attack power by 50 (cone AoE). Lasts 5 seconds. Talents: Added effect - grants visibility of enemies for 6 seconds, slows attack speed by 30% 

 E: Curse of Benight : Lowers MAGIC attack power by 60 (single target). Lasts 5 seconds. Talents: Added effect - silences target for 6 seconds 

 Quest talent: Increase curse time. 



Hex (Frog) – Turns enemy hero into a frog – until death (or dispel). Enemy hero's health is reduced by 40%, armor by 30, slows attack speed by 30%, slows movement speed by 30%. Units hit by the frog are turned into a frog for 6 seconds (AA refreshes timer).

Hex (Pig) – Turns enemy hero into a pig – until death (or dispel). Enemy cannot be controlled, becomes a neutral unit, and attacks at wild. Enemy hero's health is increased by 40%, armor by 20. Units hit by the pig are caused to bleed for 75-90 over 3 seconds. AA refreshes timer.

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