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My hope to return in Heroes of the Storm.

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - My hope to return in Heroes of the Storm.

Hi all! The first thing I want to say is to apologize for my bad english. I do not belong to the speakers of this language, although it is spread all over the world. But fortunately this does not prevent me from being a part of the community of players who inhabit different worlds created by Blizzard.

Now I am in a very difficult situation for me. I do not know what I have to do except to contact the developer directly for help. I know that developers are reading about the game on reddit. I hope that the community will help me to pay attention to me.

I think that I have the right to consider myself as the part of the community that calls itself oldfags. My first game from Blizzard was Rock n 'Roll Racing on Sega mega drive 20 years ago. My second game was diablo on the Playstation one. My friend and I were horrified at the realization that the King Skeleton knows how to open doors. On Sony PlayStation I played Warcraft 2. Starcraft on PC. God, me love Diablo 2. Warcraft 3 was just a bomb. Although at first I didn’t like the more cartoony style of the game. The game is a legend with a legendary storyline. And no less legendary custom maps in which I sat with my friends for many hours. I played the first Dota before the release of such a character as a Kunkka.

I was very happy when Blizzard DOTA was announced at BlizzCon in 2010. I was sure that the great Blizzard would show everyone their ability to make great games and me could not wait for this moment. Me start play World of Warcraft in 2011. I set myself the goal to get all the available achievements in the game and now me have 25k achiv points. I bought Diablo 3 on the day of its release. The game liked its gameplay, although for me it was no longer Diablo, but something different.

After several years of playing Dota 1 in 2012, I started playing Dota 2. And me wait Blizzard Dota. At the end of 2014, I received a key for closed alpha testing Heroes of the Strom. After a while I abandoned DotA.

I brought a lot of friends to this game. But so many people did not like this game, but I was not one of them. I argued with them and said that they were wrong. I have always defended this game. I liked Heroes of the Storm. During all the years of Heroes of the storm game, many peaples called me back to DotA. There were those that left Heroes of the Storm and go play Leage of Legends but not me. I always answered them not, and said that I would not leave this game. I played this game and enjoyed it. Me stop play all ather games. Me played only Heroes of the Storm. Last year i set a goal to take the rank of Master. I was not bad at it. I stubbornly walked towards my goal. My have my best winstreak in last season on solo leage and its 14 wins on platinum. In start season me have 31/7 82% winrate in solo leage. Season end in Diamond 5. I was very happy as I approached my goal and enjoyed the process. On that season me up 2 Diamond but lose 2 ranks and get 4. But it never stopped me. Me know after lose me can get more wins.


Yesterday morning after one game I got a ban. There were times when I got a ban for two weeks for pressure on the Wing in my team. Despite the fact that the same Wing confessed to me in love at the end of the game. Perhaps Wing himself received a ban for the word "noob".

I got bans for "Help top line Stich". In the opinion of support, I do not have the right to put pressure on the players, this is what the game is about. I have more stories. But let's not talk about it.

The last ban was honored. I really was toxic. After difficulties in real life and a series of defeats in the game, I fell through. But I did not receive an e-mail explaining about it. I sent a request to the support service to find out how much I got the lock. And I got the answer that this ban is forever. Final and irrevocable. I sent another request to mitigate the punishment, but was refused.

I think these measures are too radical. I ask you to soften the punishment. Lock for several months, or for a year. The main thing is not forever. I really love this game. I consider myself a devoted fan. In this game I'm from the closed alpha test. Me have golden alpha tester portrait. I have been playing this game for more than four years. This game has become a part of my life. I have played at it for several thousand hours. I brought a lot of people to this game, as well as made many friends in the game itself. I actively participated in all gaming event. I predicted which teams will win Heroes of the Dorm since 2015 and take rare Azmodan portrait. I participated in Tespa ivent. I participated in twitch ivent. I used donations to HGS. I did not regret any money and my time on the game since the game was a part of me. This real rare and old account is part of me. When I found out that I got a lock, my heart almost stopped. Almost five years of my life were gone before my eyes. Please .. No … I beg! Soften the punishment and let me return. Give me one last chance. I do not know what to do. Along with the game went part of me. I feel very bad. I'm so sad. Please give me last chance.

It was a very serious blow to me. It was very difficult for me to write this text. I lowered my hands. After this, I will not be able to return In World of Warcraft or other Blizzard games. My accaunt is broken. I often met people who, after an eternal ban, created new accounts and returned to this game in this way. But I know that this is not my way. There are not a few such people, but I think much more people who have completely stopped playing this game.

But I do not give up. I consider myself a true fan of this game. A true fan of this company. I lost a part of myself. And I think I gave so many years of my life to the games of this company, a sea of ​​my energy and emotions, I deserved the last chance that can bring me back to my game.

Please mitigate the punishment! Give me one last chance! BattleTag Skaab#1188

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