Heroes of the Storm

My Idea for a new Hero, The Zerg Drone.

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - My Idea for a new Hero, The Zerg Drone.

I know that the Idea for a Zerg drone was thrown around a little bit on reddit, but here is my take on it.


Basic Abilities

Q- Spine/Spore Crawler.

Turns your drone into a spine crawler that deals heavy damage and pierces armor (does more damage to armored units in starcraft) or turns into a spore crawler that deals less damage but has bigger range and uncloaks enemy heroes.

W- Infestation Pit

turns your drone into an Infestation Pit. when a nearby minion (both enemy and ally) dies, they are respawned as an infected minion but dies after 30 seconds.

E- Rush

spawn a small group of zerg, the type of zerg changes based on talents (zerglings–>Roach/hydrolisk/baneling–>mutalisk–>ultralisk)


Heroic Abilities



turn into a Hatchery and continual spawn zerg units for however long you stay in hatchery mode, you can only control zerglings.

(every 5 seconds you will spawn 3 zerglings, every 10 seconds 2 Roaches, 15 a hyrdalisk, and 30 seconds an Ultralisk)

-lv 20, Hive

spawn stronger zerg (evolved zerg. like the Raptor zergling), you have full control over them.


Bile Launcher

turn into a Bile launcher and gain massive range and damage. use for to siege.

-lv 20, virophage

gain more damage and turn minion hit into infected.




zerg swarm, respawn timer is reduced by 50% and enemy only gets 50% exp for killing you.

mounting will borrow drone and increase move speed by 130% (same as others),the drone can't be attacked by basic attacks but can be hit by enemy abilities and towers.

You and other spawned zerg will gain buffs when on Zagara's creep.



unlike other Heroes of the Nexus, Most (if not all) of the Drone's Talents will be quest.


Greater Spire-

this Talent allows you to become a Greater Spire and can spawn 3 Mutalisk. you have control over all of them and they can fly over walls. if all the Mutalisk die, you are force out of the Spire mode.

Quest: the longer you stay a Spire, the stronger your Mutas become. once the quest is complete, you gain a Broodlord.


controllable minion, can not attack but grants wide range vision. Can be killed.

Quest (stay active for X minuets): Overlord gives 50% more vision.

Creepy Crawlers (Q)-

gain buffs depending on how much damage you do.

once complete, you gain more range and and can uproot (you only have 50% speed).


buffs Infected the more you infest.

once complete, they gain the ability to leap at targets.

Swarm-(this is actually a few talents) (E)

Baneling Nest,

spawn banelings instead of zerglings. explode after death, deals 100% more damage to structures.

quest (deal X damage): once complete they can split into two, smaller, baneling on death.

Roach Warren,

spawn Roaches instead of zerglings. deal low damage but has high HP and take 50% less damage from Structures.

Quest (deal X damage): once complete they now slow targets.

Hydralisk Den,

spawn Hydralisks instead of zerglings. has low HP but deals high, long range, damage.

Quest (deal X damage) spawn a Lurker to the Rush, deal low splash damage (100% bonus damage to minions).


spawn a mutalisk along side your other Zerg.

Quest (deal X damage): spawn a broodlord instead.

Ultralisk Cavern,

spawn one Ultralisk along side all other Zerg. High HP and damage.

Quest (10 Hero take Downs, 2 Merc camps and X damage): spawn a Brutalisk instead (more HP and damage.)

Mass larva,

Hatchery spawns zerg at a faster rate.


Bile Launcher debuffs enemy and buffs allies.


What are your ideas and thoughts? I would want to know how you can improve this hero concept.

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