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My ideas and discussion for Valla rework

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - My ideas and discussion for Valla rework
  • DISCLAIMER: I am just having fun here, this is supposed to be a fun discussion for fellow Valla lovers, if you think shes fine or my ideas suck thats fine, please submit your own ideas if you have any!

Ever since I started playing this game my favourite hero has been Valla. She's cute, fun, deadly and full of HATRED >:D. She's been a strong hero for as long as I can remember, never too strong or too UP, altough I do feel its time for her to get a rework.

My honest opinion on reasons for rework:

– I cant remember last time they actually did something new and exciting for her

– Talents are old and outdated, would like a rework of questing abilities and move some talents around

– Her W talents could need some updated visuals when it comes to targeting the grenades from "Arsenal" talent

– Bein a "class canon" is fine, but I do wish she could have some more survivability put into her talents for games where you dont have two supports and a tank babysitting you all game – Maybe some small buffs to baseline HP is a good start, idk

Ideas for rework (numbers not my strongest suit so I will keep it simple)

Baseline changes:

– Hungering arrow now only hits one target, which gives more damage

– W has updated visuals on aiming when "Arsenal talent" hits

– E stays the same but caltrops are now baseline

– Trait talent from lvl 1 now baseline, maybe will need a bit of tuning idk

– I also wish Hatred stacked up way faster, maybe the downside would be that it disappears faster or the AA speed are nerfed, not sure

Lvl 1:

– Q quest: From lvl 4 to 1 – After hitting 15 heroes increase damage by X, after hitting 30 heroes now gains the extra missiles (Would be cool if Hungering Arrow exploded outwards doing AOE damage instead of the random targeting they have now)


– W quest: Hitting X amount of heroes rewards the “Arsenal talent” with grenades, now with updated visuals

– E Quest: Kill X amount of Heroes while slowed by caltrops rewards Vault CD to 5 seconds

Lvl 4:

– Q talent monster hunter moved to here

– W talent stays the same

– Trait talent stays the same

Lvl 7

– Frost arrow moved to lvl 7

– Rest is fine and stays the same

Lvl 10

– I like the ults, cant think of any changes

Lvl 13 – This is where I want Valla to gain more survivability, would love some ideas here:

– Q stays the same, but now rewards 10 armor for 3 secs hitting and enemy, stacking up if hitting again with Q build

– Tempered by Discipline: Max hatred now gives 50%(up by 25%) healing on basic attacks on 10 hatred

– Manticore: Stays the same I guess

Lvl 16:

– W Talent: Maybe do a "For every Hero hit reduce CD by X amount of secons" – Not sure about the numbers

– Seething Hatred makes up for the eventual "nerf" for the trait baseline change, not sure how tho

– Manticore stays the same

Lvl 20:

– Im out of ideas, I should really go back to studing now – let me hear your thoughts!

Sooo these are my ideas that I cooked up in about 5 minutes between a study break, I am sorry if they suck but would love a good discussion about how to change our beloved pissed of demon hunter <3

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