Heroes of the Storm

My journey from Bronze to Gold. Advice not from a pro player, but a filthy casual.

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - My journey from Bronze to Gold. Advice not from a pro player, but a filthy casual.

TL;DR After about 250 games I got to Gold. It's all obvious stuff, but this is what I've learned anyway.

I came over to HoTs from LoL, looking for something different. I found it, what a gem. The community is lovely, the champions feel so much more balanced and there's no enforced meta. After getting to grips with most of the maps, and i felt like I had a decent idea of how to play a few champions I decided to move into ranked. I was expecting to be placed low silver, as I was gold in LoL at the time, but no. I was placed in Bronze 3. I didn't feel like I deserved any better as I lost a lot of games in Bronze to other Bronze players. I did, however, choose to get better at the game. I took on as much responsibility for every loss as I could and to this day seek to learn new things and improve.

So here's what I got:

  • Don't try to play complex champions, if you don't understand game mechanics. I knew I had a lot to learn about objectives, teamfights, positioning, timings. I couldn't concentrate on getting those down if I was micromanaging 3 dwarves or trying to hit 2 people with Maiev's Q. So I picked up the 'Easy' champs. Fire and forget. Jaina, Muradin, Lucio, Artanis, Sonya, Raynor. All of them are playable and easy to get right!
  • I spent a lot of time (especially on ranged champions) umming and erring before a teamfight or even during one. If there's something you can do, do it. If I was playing Raynor I'd look to auto attack champions between movements before committing. Jaina, I'd constantly throw out Q's till it hit one and then follow up with a combo. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. That doesn't necessarily mean chase them 1v5 and die like a spoon. It means press A on the floor to where you're comfortable moving to instead of left clicking.
  • Playing healers, I'd always look for the position where I'm in no risk of taking damage and yet can heal it. This was especially true with morales, I spent 99% of my time as morales mirroring movements from the flanks to make it as difficult as possible for people to come round and get me. Safety is priority #1. If you're alive you can heal. If you are dead, Ana is basically spamming her -100%healinggrenade on your team, cause they're not going to get any kind of healing from your dead corpse.
  • Rotate to objectives EARLY. Get to the tribute before it spawns, set up in the bush, the vision of the encroaching enemy team is worth so much more than those last 3 ranged minions. If you're not a split-pusher about to ding us level 10, come to the objective. That doesn't always mean commit to it. Sometimes, it's better to do what you can do, not what you can't do. Are you playing an assassin? Then how about you ignore the shrine minions, and see if you can take out their mage. If their team is better at Zone control and you know it, let them have that zone, pick them off, then when you have a numbers advantage, go for the zone control cause you'll probably win that fight 5v4 regardless of whatever tricks they have up their sleeves.
  • Dont die. Sounds obvious right? No, not always, obviously, otherwise we wouldn't. Right?
    Know when to die.
    If you have lost the objective, because the fight went south, get out of there! If there is nothing to fight over, get out of there! If someone turns around to go back in on no-health and you just know they're going to die. Don't join them.

  • If you're doing a merc camp, you're half hp and two enemies show up. What's realistically, going to happen? Either you stall them for a bit on the capture point and then die and they get the mercs, OR… you can walk away and they get mercs. One is slightly better than the other. The one that involves not dying, just give it up.

  • Oh but you're a tank, and it's your job to go in and die, you say. Well not quite. The trick is to do as much as you can, soak as much damage as you can BEFORE you die and then get out obviously.
    You're not always going to make it out after you heroically Johanna leapt into their whole team, stunned them, slowed them, and blinded them all. We know that, and we'll forgive you for it, instantly. But know that there was probably an opportunity for you to have left shortly after you slowed them, that would have allowed you to live. Value your life over the lives of the enemies at all times.

Ok, so we know what we're playing, we know to try and do as much as we can and fill as much fo our time doing damage or healing safely. We know to get the objectives early, we know that we're kind of important and we don't want to die. But that's all obvious stuff. Where's the one trick fixes? I got you.

  • Watch the minimap. Check it every 10-20s
  • Go mid for zerg, leave mid to soak after the first globe.
  • Towers of Doom? Pick someone who can push!
  • Sky temple? Pick someone with mobility!
  • Hanamura? High-impact, big cd, team fight ultimate. and or a jungler like sonya/artanis/gazlowe.
  • Champ select, no one is hovering a healer. Pick a healer.
  • We have a healer but no tank. Pick a tank.
  • Don't try to solo merc camps as a healer or tank, someone else can do it faster.
  • Help people trying to solo camps, leave after you kill one or two and continue to where you were going.
  • Rotate between lanes every time you see someone overextended.
  • Ult early in team fights. Don't save it for the best time, use it, just use it.
  • If you don't think you can land your ultimate, however, don't. Save it.
  • Don't try to 1v2, 1v3, 1v4 or even 1v5. DON'T DO IT!!!!?!! I'll FICKING !!$%£^&^(
  • take breaks.
  • Know what talents are good against which comps, think about it during champ select.

Finally, add people you have really good fun with. Compliment people on good plays.
Mute people who blame you, either they are right and you know it, or they are wrong and you know it. Either way, it doesn't help to read it. It's a distraction from the minimap you should really be paying attention to.

Thank you for reading all of this.

Wishing you all the best. I hope even if there is just one person in bronze feeling hopeless this will give them some ideas or reassurance.

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