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My last season with Thrall

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - My last season with Thrall

I just wanted to share my 2018 – Season 4 achievement while giving some advices to the talent-cryers. First, the screenshot (only TL and HL are ticked at the game modes):


Due to changes in my IRL, I don't have much time to play HotS. I am 33 year old, an old professional WarCraft 3 player. I always focus on few characters and play them at highest level. Thrall is my pupil for a long time. He is a perfect solo laner with insane bursts.

Yesterday, while I was checking my last season stats I noticed that I did 20-2 on HL + TL modes. QM and UD are not included. And in almost every single, someone in my team moaned about my talent choices. Yes, my builds never appear on hotslogs.com. Yes, individual talents have lower winrates than others. But I do my job every time.

The fun fact is my talent tree never appeared on Hotslogs before. I have been playing my build like 1 and a half years (from Thrall rework happened). Now, this week, -almost- my build is on the top of Hotslogs. You can check the other weeks from there and see. Never appeared at top builds before, but now it dominates the chart.


I just see a very late notice by the players here. And players who copy "best builds" from Hotslogs, insists to blame who does not play the same. It is very upsetting. It crashes the creativity of players. Please guys, do not blame players who decides to play in different builds (except very very preciese talents needed in game, like percentage damage vs Cho'gall).

For those interested, this is my default talents. I never choose Echo of the Elements at 1 level. It is the worst by far! Stack as much Maelstrom Weapon as you can, with risking your life on solo lane. Then make devastating damage at level 16. If you reach 100+ stacks, you can even kill the toughest tanks (like Diablo) with little help of your teammates. And once you kill, enemy tank generally become discouraged which makes them harder to engage. This leads your team to the victory!

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Don't upset your teammates who chose unusual talents guys. Have a nice day!

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