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My MMR is almost Static…

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - My MMR is almost Static...

First, I upload enough replays for HotsLogs to be decently accurate, so don't bother talking about the engine 😉

After playing a lot of games, I stopped playing ranked solo because I don't find it fun. Now I've still played a hell lot after that and I noticed on every match, that my MMR doesn't change much compared to other players.

Feel free to inspect my Profile, and if you look at the match history you will see my MMR Δ being very low compared to other players (not all, because some people I play with are in the same situation).

This means it doesn't matter anymore what I do, I can play like shit or carry a game, the system doesn't care anymore, and I don't have to care anymore because of how slight the change is. Let me say it right now: that's completely unhealthy!

  1. I've played a good amount of Quick Match and learnt by losing a lot on Alarak (good choice to start XD). This had more impact overall than how I am currently playing my heroes, although it's far behind me and I definitely improved and went tremendously above this level (I was a real noob, 100% true).
  2. I don't really care about ranks, but I figure that a lot of people care and I understand them… But if half of your MMR is pretty much decided from the time you are learning the game, it has to be pretty unaccurate and relies on beginner's luck (when you're a beginner obviously).
  3. People do smurfs to get a fresh start and crush noobs, so the new players' MMR will be even more innacurate (in the wrong way). Smurfing should never have to happen, it only shows the system is flawed (also some people have this toxic mentality of "let's destroy some noobs", but that's another issue). (Also, GM long queue times smurf to get a match; I get you, that's another issue as well.)
  4. If you've played without caring at all, without trying to learn, and your MMR is static, you will have a REALLY LONG AND HARD TIME CLIMBING when you start investing yourself into the game and actually start learning.
    If you want to deny this, just count to 2 000 000 000 only by adding 5 while I count by adding 2000, we will see who gets there faster.
  5. MMR should soft reset (by that I mean get more dynamic again) every season (or every year at least) in order to represent the player's learning curve, and even a falldown in case you missed the major meta changes or simply took a break and are not top notch anymore, stuff like that…

MMR becoming more and more Static over time is an issue. While it is supposed to represent your skill level and how you are evolving, the system has no idea when you actually end up in your "right place" and just starts freezing your MMR. Instead, the game could regularly checkup if you are at your "right place" by making the MMR more dynamic again, allowing notable improvements to be rewarded and clear declines to actually translate in your MMR as well.

Tell me what you think about it, if you have issues with the current MMR system or if you are perfectly fine with it and why!

TLDR: The game changes, the strategies change, the players change, but if you play a lot your MMR doesn't change.

Any "gitgud" comment is out of place here, I am not complaining for myself because I actually don't care much about ranks, but I feel like the system if flawed and the playerbase deserves better.

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