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My proposal for better Storm League party restrictions

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - My proposal for better Storm League party restrictions

The way the system currently works is as follows: Players that are more than 2 divisions apart cannot play ranked when partied together, except in parties of 5. In that case, players who are more than 2 divisions apart have their MMR ignored. These rules do severely lessen the problems of high-rank players partying with very low-rank smurfs that Team League used to have, but this problem still very much exists, it has just been moved up from Bronze smurfs to Platnium smurfs. A Storm League Grandmaster can still party with 4 other Platinum players and end up against high Platnium or low Diamond opponents which is clearly unfair. The system is a lot better, but it still has many flaws. Overall, the system is trying to fix the party issues with hard restrictions. The disadvantage of this is there are legitimate reasons people would want to party with lower level players, and these hard restrictions encroach on those as well. Maybe you're a Diamond player and you have a Silver friend who's just super fun to play with or who you know in real life and you guys want to play ranked together. Or, even better, if you're a Diamond/Masters/Grandmaster trying to teach a lower ranked player how to play at a higher skill level. The problem with hard party restrictions is they can never be perfect. The more you try to stop malicious partying, the more you also prevent fun, legitimate partying. If the hard restrictions are too strict, you can't have much fun in parties, but if they're too loose, then parties are too easy to abuse (see old Team League). There is no perfect sweet spot either, you just end up with some of both problems.



I propose the following ruleset instead:

All hard party restrictions are removed; anyone can party with anyone and queue into Storm League.

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However: the amount of rank points you receive for a win OR loss is shrunk drastically if your opponents are more than 1 division below you. For example:

  • Masters vs Masters: +/- 200 points
  • Masters vs Diamond: +/- 175 points (or 150 points not sure which one would be best, leaning more towards 175)
  • Masters vs Platinum: +/- 100 points
  • Masters vs Gold: +/- 50 points
  • Masters vs Silver: +/- 25 points

This purpose of this system is to allow parties of any flavor, but make it completely impractical to climb by gaming the matchmaking via parties. I think this is a fair proposal because just because someone can beat up Golds really well doesn't demonstrate they can compete at a Master skill level. At the same time, playing ranked with lower ranked players just because you're good friends or for teaching is now little trouble.

A few things to note:

  • The rest of the party members whose rank is less than or equal to their opponents all receive +/- 200 points as normal.
  • Personal Rank Adjustments and Favored adjustments would also have to be docked accordingly, especially the former as all high-Masters players are automatically handed a +30 PRA or higher. (Though I suspect PRA is going away with the upcoming rank changes.)
  • In the case of 2 "rainbow" teams playing against each other, calculating how many points to reduce by is done against the average of the opposing team. So the result is the same if you queue up against a "rainbow" team or if you get 5 solos.
  • I don't know what the best way to handle Grandmasters is, but due to the scarcity of players at the high ladder and Grandmasters frequently getting matched with Diamonds just to find a game at all, they should probably just be treated as Masters and not a separate division above them.
  • Remember, the point changes are for wins AND losses. So if a Masters player plays against Golds and wins, he gains 50 points, if he loses he loses 50 points. Adjusting only the points gained and keeping the same loss value would be a terrible idea.
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What do you guys think?

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