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My QMs have been great! I think these are the reasons why

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - My QMs have been great! I think these are the reasons why

I saw a couple of posts with shitty, shitty QM match making. So I thought maybe I’d share a bit my experience with QM: it has been very good.

What I think is the catch? I main mostly tanks and supports. Ever since they implemented the Call of the Nexus, I play Heroes that have the XP Boost. And all matches have been matched on point, with balanced teams, both composition and skill wise, under a minute, even in odd times. And I always queue solo.

This applies even to playing Stitches, that I believe has a higher demand due to the recent rework.

But do I ever play DPS? I do. What I usually try to do is to try and pick one that generally counters a few of the Heroes that are open in that particular week. For instance, my main melee DPS is Malthael – I don’t touch him the week he’s open. And when he’s not, I play him in QM with no issues, as the demand doesn’t skew things to the point te match maker just throws constraints out the window.


But what if you want to try a particular hero before buying it? And it’s open? And it’s in high demand? Shrug and know that the match making will likely be poor. But the purpose is to try – see how a Hero behaves in PvP situations. Even in a poor matched game you can verify the basic works, enough to make a decision on whether or not to buy.

Anyway, that’s how I do it. I hope it helps you guys improve the QM experience.

TL;DR: Answer the Call of the Nexus; give tanks and supports some love; avoid weekly rotation Heroes if playing DPS

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