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My SCV Suggestion Post Did Well, So Here Goes: Warbringer, the Colossus!

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - My SCV Suggestion Post Did Well, So Here Goes: Warbringer, the Colossus!

I'm bored in class right now so welcome to quite possibly my favorite Starcraft unit of all time: the Protoss Colossus. Warbringer is the only named Colossus in canon, so I pulled him in. Pretty basic idea, but I think it could have some serious potential. Here's a link to the colossus wiki page if you have no clue what I'm talking about:

Standard Colossus- https://starcraft.fandom.com/wiki/Colossus#:~:text=The%20colossus%20is%20a%20massive,plural%20of%20colossus%20is%20colossi.

Warbringer Specifically: https://starcraft.fandom.com/wiki/Warbringer_(Purifier))

STRENGTHS: Wave Clear/ Double Soaking, Chasing Weak Opponents, and Objective Bullying.

WEAKNESSES: Hard CC or Long-Ranged Spells.


Height Advantage: Increased attack range by 15% and vision range by 30%. Attacks and vision pass over terrain.

Inferno Lance: Basic attacks splash horizontally, perpendicular to the way Warbringer is facing.

MOUNT PASSIVE: Grants the ability to walk over terrain and through enemy heroes.

ABILITY 1: Projection Vents: Toggle ability that drains mana per attack. Increases basic attack range even further while active.

ABILITY 2: Shield Overcharge: Grants a large shield equal to 30% of Warbringer's max health with a set duration of 12 seconds, but reduces damage output by 20% while the shield is active.

ABILITY 3: Overclock: Grants increased mana regen and cooldown reduction for himself and nearby allies, but reduces movement speed by 20%.

HEROIC 1: Focusing Lens: For the next 8 seconds, basic attack is now a continuous beam that loses its normal horizontal splash, but gains much higher DPS and progressively slows the target the longer they are hit by the beam. Affected by Projection Vents.

HEROIC 2: Weakness Scan: Performs a sweep of enemies in a cone in front of Warbringer. The sweep does no damage, but marks enemies. Marked enemies take 75% increased damage from Warbringer, and 25% increased damage from his allies.



LVL 1: Choose between "Alignment: Tal'darim," "Alignment: Templar," or "Alignment: Purifier."

Allignment: Tal'darim: Increases damage output by 10%, but reduces the strength of allied effects and buffs by 10%. Warbringer's own abilities are uneffected. (RED)

Alignment: Templar: Grants increased max health by 10%, but reduces damage done by 5%. (BLUE)

Alignment: Purifier: Grants increased passive mana regen by 15%, but decreased passive health regen by 10%. (ORANGE)

These talents would change the energy color of Warbringer's model to the color designated, allowing for some neat skin concepts. If you haven't picked one of these talents yet or are in the collections viewing him, the energy color is white.

LVL 20: Choose between "Aggresive Temperment," "Neural Link," or "Recall."

Aggressive Temperament: Focusing Lens is now a mana-draining toggle ability. Still affected by Projection Vents.

Neural Link: Allies now gain the 75% damage increase of Weakness Scan, but it's cooldown is significantly increased.

Recall: Activate near a friendly fort, keep, or core to select it. When Warbringer takes lethal damage, instead gain the "Protected" status and teleport to the selected structure. If the marked structure is destroyed, Recall automatically selects the next structure in that lane. Lengthy internal cooldown.

Hopefully this is a bit easier on the eyes than my last SCV piece. The main idea for this hero is to have weaker abilities with trade-offs to match his great movement capabilities with that mount passive. Due to his massive wave-clear potential with his splashing basic attacks and passive movement between lanes, hes a great option for helping with ganks and double soaking. (Colossi are known for shredding groups of light infantry, but struggling against armored units.) Thanks for reading! As always suggestions below are welcome.

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