Heroes of the Storm

My Third Attempt at a Lost Viking Rework

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - My Third Attempt at a Lost Viking Rework

There is alot to digest here. So please keep in mind that numbers are vague and not indicative of a finished design.


Viking Hoard – Gathering a Regeneration Globe with a Viking permanently increases all their Health Regeneration by 1. Viking Health Regeneration is tripled when out of combat for 4 seconds.

Keyboard Warrior – Vikings gain a unique passive ability when they are individually controlled.

Olaf – Can charge enemies and slow their Movement Speed for 3 seconds. Passive: Olaf gains 20 armor.

Baelog – Basic Attacks deal 50% splash damage to enemies behind his attack target. Passive: Baelog gains 25% increased attack speed.

Eric – Can dodge 1 Basic Attack every 5 seconds. Passive: Eric gains 15% increased movement speed.


Norse Force – All Vikings gain a Shield, increasing in strength for each Viking alive. Lasts 4 seconds. CD 20 sec

Olaf the Stout – Olaf has 20 armor. This stacks with his passive.

Secret Stash – Immediately gain 20 stacks of Viking Hoard.


Spin to Win – Activate to have each Viking deal damage to nearby enemies. CD 20 sec

Baelog the Fierce – Baleog has increased attack speed by 25%. This stacks with his passive.

Viking Fury – Basic attacks deal bonus damage to Minions and Mercenaries.



Jump – Makes all Vikings Invulnerable and able to pass over enemies for 1.5 seconds. CD 20 sec

Eric the Swift – Eric has 15% movement speed. This stacks with his passive.

64 KB Marathon – Gain an additional 30% Movement Speed when activating Go Go Go! that decays over 4 seconds.


What You Need – Olaf's Armor passive is always active and shared with any nearby Vikings.

Stab Something – Baelog's attack speed passive is always active and shared with any nearby Vikings.

Fast and Furious – Eric's movement speed passive is always active and shared with any nearby Vikings.

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Large and in Charge – Olaf's charge now stuns for 1 second, and his basic attacks slow at 15% for 1 second.

Explosive Attacks – When Baelogs primary target is a hero, then the splash radius is increased by 50%.

Get Swifty – Eric's dodge gains an additional charge, and his next attack deals 200% more damage after dodging.


Norse Squad – If all vikings are grouped, then their attacks deal bonus damage equal to 1% of the targets max health.

The Sequel! – Reduces the Lost Vikings death timer by 25% for each down Viking.

Nice Moves – Using an ability will reduce the cooldown of other abilities by 5 seconds.

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