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My Thoughts On Hogger

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - My Thoughts On Hogger

Hey folks, long time reader, rare poster. I have been playing a good amount of Hogger over the last few days I wanted to share some of my opinions on this whacky gnoll.

Q: Personally, I find it kind of difficult to actually get the stun off on this move. Maybe around 40% of the time I use it? I have heard it compared to Diablo's Q, but it feels a lot more difficult to stun with, probably due to decreased range. It makes a great get-off-me move though, and it's got some pretty decent utility.

W: Kind of a filler move, imo. Does a lot of stuff; lane clear, slows heroes. The instant detonations are really easy to get off if you know how your opponent is going to approach you, and really hard to get off if the two of you are playing footsies in lane.

E: Hogg Wild is easily my favorite move of his. It's damage is REALLY dependent on having a good amount of rage, and being able to drag out contact time with enemies by bouncing off walls near them. Also very strong to zoom past enemies with, then Q them in whatever direction they don't want to go. When escaping, bouncing off walls really increases your distance with this, as long as you don't wind up going a random direction.

Trait: 80% of the time this is sustain city, 20% of the time you set up something cool with it. Throwing it against a wall and then body blocking next to it can really mess up melee assassins. I bullied a Ragnaros with that combo one game, good times. Mostly you want the meat, though.

Ultimates: USUALLY I go Hoard-A-Pult. It does a lot: Lots of sustain, gap closer, unstoppable escape, creates terrain, really short cooldown at 50 seconds, good stuff. Shockwave not knocking up heroes is so lame, though. Nothing happens when you use it! Visually uninteresting. I still take it vs dive-y times you want to stun, though.

Talents Level 1: I usually take Bones To Gnaw. Sooooo much sustain out of this talent. It really makes your laning respectable, and later in the game you can keep yourself topped off. The W talent seems good, but I feel like it locks me into a dynamite build, so I stay away from it. The rage building talent is terrible, imo! All it does is give you a way to keep your rage a little longer and gived you a tiny bit of sustain. The cooldown is too long for it to be really useful, and Bones To Gnaw juices you up so much better…


4: I'm a huge fan of Aggro Range, although that is probably bias because I love Hogg Wild. It makes a lot better for damage, increasing area and rage generation. It's just juicy. Hoggers Joggers seems REALLY good as well, semi permanent 15% move speed lets you dance around engagements much more cleanly. The Q talent I'm not as fond of; quest is kind of hard to stack, and the range increase on D is nice, but it just doesn't give as much as the others.

7: Love the rage one here that reduces your cooldowns if you've got high rage. Plays very nicely with Aggro Range at 4 for lots of E's. The W talent is nothing to sneeze at though, even if you haven't been building W at all. It gives you a lot of zone control and poke, basically making you real annoying for the rest of the game. Garbage Fire is decent, but only against an already fairly immobile team, or if you want to live the Hoard-A-Pult dream.

13: I kinda think the armor on Hogg Wild is overrated here! It seems only good if you have the enemy team trapped with you. People don't hit you much while you're hogg wilding out, either; in my experience, you only die if they catch up with you after. I really like the health steal here: comboes with aggro range at 4, gives life steal on your other moves, good stuff. If you are being divey, Pummel for the slow is also a real juicy talent.

16: None of these excite me. Headbanger looks hot on paper, but it can be very difficult to actually stun heroes, so its value isn't guaranteed at all. The W talent is an all around upgrade to W, and I should really experiment with it more, but I generally wind up going with the auto attack one. Some extra damage and speed after E-ing, just general upgrades.

20: Hoard-A-Pult's 20 SOUNDS really good, making your hoard into a healing, dynamite throwing battle station. Only problem is, it requires the teamfight to stick around for awhile to get all the value out of it. I haven't used it much. The Shockwave ult, even less. Just seems boring? No Control is fun, but I mostly just die when I use it. Anger Management is my go-to, because max rage E's really chunk enemies at that point.

And that's basically it, I think??

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