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My thoughts on the “came from mobaX to hots” posts

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - My thoughts on the "came from mobaX to hots" posts

So besides HOTS, I played lol, dota2, smite and I still play those games based on what my friends and I feel like playing. I get bored of one or the other some times, but if I stop for a while, that is fine. Games get stale if you play them exclusively for a long time.

But I digress, we get so many posts where people come to play hots for the first time and they think its best thing since sliced bread. That is fine, but usually they will also add how they use to play some thing else and that some thing else is so bad, so garbage, that they can't believe they stuck to it so long. Those posts rustle all my jimmies, of course you will see all the bad things about lol after playing it for years, and you won't see half of the bad things about hots after playing it for few days. The constant comparisons how ever always feel silly. I use to play both WoW and GW2 and on GW2 reddit there would be tons of people coming over and saying that WoW sucks and GW2 is a breath of fresh air, when WoW was the game they probably got many years of enjoyment before it got stale, and they have no idea how late game content looks like in GW2.


And all the comments always congratulate those people on making a great decision to swap to a better game, like their life is about to change and the community like the proud parents could not be happier, but I just wanna smack them in the face, not too hard though.

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