Heroes of the Storm

[NA] NGS Free Agent Combine (Jan 11th & 15th) Open to all!

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - [NA] NGS Free Agent Combine (Jan 11th & 15th) Open to all!

Do you want to give coordinated Heroes a try but don't know where to look or how to find a team?

Then come check out the NGS Free Agent Combine on Tuesday August 11th! Signups are here:

Signups close at midnight PST on Friday January 8th so signup now! Historically, over 70% of Free Agents that signed up found a team for NGS!

Reminder that signups for Season 11 of NGS are open now! nexusgamingseries.org

What is the combine?
The NGS Free Agent Combine is a chance for new and returning players to find a new team, recruit players for their existing teams or to even start a brand new team before the signups for Season 9 of NGS close. Every Free Agent that signs up will be placed onto a team of other free agents and recruiters to play some custom games and show the skills they have to offer. These teams will be balanced based on skill level to keep the matches as competitive as possible and you will get 2 maps per block you sign up for to play.

When is the combine?
The Combine will run from 7:00pm EDT to 11:59pm EDT on Monday Jan 11th and Friday Jan 15th. There will be four 75-minute blocks that you can sign up for. You can sign up for as many of the time blocks that you like so it can be flexible to fit your schedule.


Who can sign up for the combine?
The combine is open to anyone and everyone! From "I've never even touched Storm League" to "I hit Grand Master every season" we have teams of every skill level that recruit from the combine so feel free to sign up and show off what you've got!

I'm looking to add to my team, how do I sign up?
You can sign up as a recruiter in the survey! Just indicate the roles you're looking to fill and you'll be placed on a team with free agents that match the role you're looking for. If you'd like any additional information about any free agents, just hit up Wedge#7006 in discord.

I'm not looking to join a new team but I want to play some heroes with better matchmaking than Blizzard, can I sign up too?
Yes you can! Anyone can also signup for the combine as a substitute and we'll use you to help fill in any teams that might be short a player or two for that time block.

This all sounds like fun! Will I be able to watch it anywhere?
You betcha! We'll have casters for all matches during the combine. We'll be announcing the casters shortly so everyone knows who to tune into for their own scouting pleasure.

If you have any more questions, feel free to check out the NGS Discord or reach out to Wedge#7006 in discord. Make sure to stay tuned to the NGS discord since that's where you will find future updates!

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