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Nazeebo is Outdated – Analysis, Ideas and Rework Concept for Curing the Doctor

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Nazeebo is Outdated - Analysis, Ideas and Rework Concept for Curing the Doctor

TL;DR – The Doctor is in… Need of Changes

Naz is one of my absolute favs, but can use big changes. Devs hadn't reached their full potential during his last rework. Pure, limitless PvE stacking, a talent-dependent ability, slow projectiles when Heroes got 10% speed, Fury of the Storm and Ice Block (which still means Jaina must call hers ‘improved’!).

Other refreshed Heroes provide inspiration. Zul’Jin, who lacks mobility, unlocks much-needed range baseline. Like Toads, Azmodan’s Q or E would be pathetic without talents, and he now has many ways of stacking so he doesn’t ignore PvE nor PvP. Jaina gets her Block via a baseline, pure PvP quest, and Xul has Bone Armor from the start, giving these heroes survivability and complexity.

Analysis and Suggestions

Toads are meh without talents. When an ability needs talents to feel impactful or formidable, it's incomplete. Toads change from a stompable buncha critters to a huge arc of damage. A bit of Hugeness baseline would make positioning and timing the lil’ critters crucial for all Zeebos. After all, buffed Spiders got larger for the first rework to show off their speed and muscle gains.

Spi-Diversity is lacking! Hexed Crawlers have too much Spider synergy, which limits the flexibility of the talent and how much spider-spawning talents can offer. With Hexed Crawlers gone, we could get more Spider Colony synergy (the ultimate diversity talent!), leading to interesting mixed builds.

Member the 10% speed boost? Toads, Spiders and the Jar could gain 5%-10% speed to make up for it.

Otherwise, abilities are… fine? Gargantuan’s ok, if jealous of Raynor's Raider. Corpse Spiders, eh? Last rework addressed their ‘fire and forget’ aspect, but the build keeps underperforming. One guaranteed spider might be ok. Has a nice ring to it when Arachyr also adds 2 spiders on a condition.

Spirit Walk - Nazeebo is Outdated - Analysis, Ideas and Rework Concept for Curing the Doctor

Spirit Walk, an often request replacement for Ice Block, outside improving flavor this would make for a great buff baseline, if via a quest. Even has a Storm Talent ready!

Lategame Ritual

I've played a looot of Naz, and honestly, I wouldn't mind stacking gone. It's pure numbers for me. Mere seasoning that many consider the main dish, completed with a level 20 talent. Unlike with Zul’Jin, Azmo or Butcher, Nazeebo's stacks are map-dependent, he only them via PvE, and he just increases just his stats, not the impact of his attacks. Feels kinda selfish sometimes. Stacking could go, with Spirit Walk as an active.

But it probably stays. That's fine, if done properly. Reduce and cap the gains, thus the map, PvE and lategame dependency. Add a baseline quest.,A range buff ala Zul'Jin would make Naz more dynamic and less dependent on zoning. Level 1 is already all-quest, a great basis for ways to stack ala Azmo.

And a Rework Concept!

Not removing stacking or dealing with Heroics. Balance not meant to be exact, especially concerning Voodoo Ritual, level 4 and Soul Harvest. Baseline Toads max out at 5 hops, Hugeness ones at 4. Thing of the Deep is kinda bland, so with extra range baseline I replaced it with Rain of Toads. I gave level 1 mixed synergy (well, with spiders if you pick Colony and mix). Also added a couple aa aspects.

Recent statistics for perspective.

Voodoo Ritual

  • Visual element (like damage being green) added to distinguish from another DoT.
  • Health gained reduced, stacks cap at 400.
  • Damage greatly reduced but also applies to Heroes, doubled vs non-Heroic units.
  • Reward: After reaching 200 Stacks, increase the range of your Basic Abilities by 20%.

Corpse Spiders

  • Cooldown reduced from 9 to 8 seconds, mana cost from 50 to 40.
  • Projectile and movement speed increased slightly.

Plague of Toads

  • Damage reduced slightly.
  • Speed increased by 10%.
  • Toads now gain 10% radius and damage per hop, up to 50%.

Spirit Walk

  • Nazeebo gains 25 Armor and controls his spirit, which moves at 120% speed, passes through obstacles and can cast abilities. Lasts up to 3 seconds, after which his body jumps to his spirit. Activating restores 10% of his max Health and Mana over 6 seconds.


Level 1 – Minor Boost, Extra Way to Stack, Big Reward at 200 Stacks

  • Leaping Spiders: Reduce the cooldown of Corpse Spiders by 2 seconds. Hitting a Hero with Corpse Spiders grants 8 stacks of Voodoo Ritual. Reward: After reaching 200 stacks of Voodoo Ritual, Corpse Spiders last 25% longer and leap for their final attack, dealing 50% bonus damage.
  • Rain of Toads: Increase the range your Basic Attacks by 1. Basic Attacks against poisoned Heroes grant 2 stacks of Voodoo Ritual. Reward: After reaching 200 stacks of Voodoo Ritual, a fully-sized Toad drops at the location of Corpse Spiders and Zombie Wall 1 second later.
  • Pandemic: Corpse Spiders and Zombie Wall deal 25% bonus damage to enemies affected by Plague of Toads. Hitting a Hero with Toads grants 2 stacks of Voodoo Ritual. Reward: After reaching 200 stacks of Voodoo Ritual, Plague of Toads spawns 2 additional Toads.

Level 4

  • Healing Journey: Spirit Walk restores 150% more Health and Mana. Reduce its cooldown by 1 second when hitting Heroes with Basic Attacks, and .1 seconds when hitting them with basic abilities.
  • Big Voodoo: Increase the Health and Mana bonuses of Voodoo Ritual by 100%. Takedowns grant 10 stacks that don’t count toward your maximum limit.
  • Blood Ritual: Restore 2% of your max Health and Mana when enemies die under Voodoo Ritual. Takedowns restore 10% and reduce the cooldown of your Heroic Ability by 5 seconds.

Level 7 – Same except:

  • Toads of Hugeness: Toads now gain 25% damage and explosion radius per hop, up to 100%. If a Hero is hit by a full-sized Toad, reduce the cd of Corpse Spiders and Zombie Wall by 2 seconds.

Level 13 – Superstition + 2 New Talents

Level 16 – Same except:

  • Soul Harvest: Activate to increase Nazeebo's Health and Spell Power by 4% per nearby enemy, up to 40%. Heroes affected by Voodoo Ritual give 5 stacks. Lasts 15 seconds. (less lane-dependent)

Level 20 – Heroic Upgrades Same

  • Vile Infection: Increase the duration and damage of Voodoo Ritual by 50%. Reward: After gaining 400 Voodoo Ritual stacks, Heroes affected by Voodoo Ritual for more than 6 seconds receive 25% increased damage from Nazeebo.
  • Infestation: Toads spawn a Spider if they hit a Hero. Every 3rd Basic Attack against Heroes creates a Toad directed at the target. Passive: When Nazeebo dies, spawn 3 Spiders.
  • Haunt - Nazeebo is Outdated - Analysis, Ideas and Rework Concept for Curing the DoctorHaunt: Zombie Wall fears Heroes inside for 1.5 seconds upon activation. Passive: Upon taking fatal damage, instantly activate Spirit Walk. This effect has a 180 second cooldown.

Weirder Ideas

  • Make Garry permanent like with Raynor's Raider. Could have him rush to stomp the targeted area when using R, adding control and engagement that the pre-rework version lacked.
  • Refreshing Corpse Spider duration via the level 1/7 talent if their initial target dies.
  • Piercing Toads is hard to implement. I mostly love the idea of Toads leaping a few times towards Nazeebo after reaching maximum range, which this can help with.

  • Mass Confusion as an upgrade to Gargantuan, taunting enemies.
  • Level 13 Talent – Jungle Groove: Activate to reduce the Attack and Movement Speed of enemy Heroes affected by Voodoo Ritual by 25% for 3 seconds. 60 Second Cooldown. Passive: Gain 5% Movement Speed per every Enemy Hero affected by Voodoo Ritual, up to 15%.
  • Level 13 Talent – Creeping Crawling: Being stunned, rooted or silenced grants Nazeebo 50 Armor for 3 seconds and spawns 3 Corpse Spiders. This effect has a 10 second cooldown.
  • Level 20 Talent –
    Grave Injustice - Nazeebo is Outdated - Analysis, Ideas and Rework Concept for Curing the Doctor
    Grave Injustice: Reduce your Basic and Heroic ability cooldowns by 5 seconds when enemy Heroes die, or by 1 second when enemy Minions poisoned by Voodoo Ritual die.
  • Level 20 Talent – Voodoo Army: Summon an untalented voodoo copy of an enemy Hero. The copy has 40% size, health and damage, 120% move speed, and can use its Q ability. Lasts 10 seconds. 20 second cooldown. Passive: Upon death, spawn a voodoo copy of Nazeebo.
  • Probably not:
    Wall of Death - Nazeebo is Outdated - Analysis, Ideas and Rework Concept for Curing the DoctorCommuting with Spirits turning Zombies spectral so allies can pass through.
    Mass Confusion causing Garry to taunt enemies. Soul Harvest giving speed with
    Soul to Waste#Runes) in mind.

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