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Nazeebo mains, any Advice for an aspiring Nazeebo main?/ Build-Ideas?

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Nazeebo mains, any Advice for an aspiring Nazeebo main?/ Build-Ideas?

I'm a filthy casual, but I think it's time to invest some time with what I want to main, what could go wrong, right guys?

I don't go to PvP much and usually hang around Ai vs Ai because Co-Op is a janky mess sometimes, and when I do go on a match (Quick-Match), it's usually our Team getting shit on or the Enemy-Team getting shit on, it's a gamble, and I hope to win said Gamble.

Build:I just went with what I wanted,aka what seemed the most practical

  • Level 1/Thing of the Deep:While I don't see the drastic difference in Attack-Range, I just find Thing of the Deep to be pretty handy, Widowmakers is a big no because I'm not running the Gamble of fishing for spiders, they are hard to aim.Pandemic is the same, the real reason why I don't use these 2 is because I'm not good on duels or Team-fights, just PvE stuff like Minions and Mercs.
  • Level 4/Blood-Ritual:Hexed-Crawler seems a bit underwhelming so I don't use it,as for Blood-Ritual, I use it the most because with 2% per every Minion-Kill, u can regenerate 10-14% health for every Minion-Wave.Big-Voodoo is better for the Late-Game, but I usually pick sustain over all Else.
  • Level 7/Dead-Rush:I'll just save my time and say this for everything Spider-Related "I can't use Spiders…. at all!", Toads are good on Minion-Clearing and Zoning but they're far too slow and my Enemies are too good at dodging and then counter-attacking.Dead-Rush tanks all the potential Turret-shots I don;t have to take and I can safely use it to distract the Minions for a Spider or Toad to kill them. But seriously, Zombie-Wall has to be my favorite Ability in his kit, it's so good if it lands.
  • Level 10/Gargantuan:Ravenous-spirit leaves me completely open and the damage… is nothing to write home about, it can be used as a "Back off" kinda move but Gargantuan fills the Role better for me. Plus it's basically my own Mini-Tank I can use for Mercenary-Camps, Garg all the way!
  • Level 13/Superstition:His info states "sustain-mage" as part of the description, and having 40 Spell-Armour is at the very least…. affable Sustain, Ice-block is sweet but 3 seconds isn't enough for me to retreat from the Enemy, and toads has less Armour than super, so it's an absolute "Nope"
  • Level 16/Ring of Poison:Since I already said that Zombie-Wall is my favorite ability, we are done with this part of the Build, moving on!.. okay realistically speaking, Nazeebo's Damage lies in hos DoT, so for me having a move that traps plus gives Poison, is likely what I'm gonna pick the most.Soul-Harvest is meh, I don't need it, Spiders, we all know what I'm gonna say.
  • Level 20/Humongoid or Vile-Infection:The difference in Vile-Infection is pretty sweet, but at times, I just don't see it and it usually is underwhelming, but Humongoid lasts for like a few seconds and can be recasted 10 seconds later, I find that a bit more useful, even if it's a Bad-Idea.


Idk what kinda questions should I ask because I believe some of em are rather…. trivial or a bit too confusing, but here goes nothing

  1. How to Stack more?:I'm struggling on this because I usually have to puss out every Lane because Nazeebo's weakness of horrible Early-Game, Mid-Game is calm though.This is especially useful for Vile-Infection, which I still can't see the difference for some reason.
  2. How does one use the Spider-Build?:Toad-Build I can definitely understand, but spiders? ehhhh
  3. Which Heroes do I have an Advantage, and which do I NOT have an Advantage against:Tracer is probably my worst one, simpply because she's everywhere, even in the 90s, damn you Little twat, stay the **** still will you? I'm trying to destroy your Home, nothing to see there.

Okay bye, I'm gonna wait for Moira to be in the game, cause I main her back in OW

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