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HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Nazeebo opinions

Hello. I want to tell you a story to explain my feelings with Naz.

When I started to play the game (right before 2.0) I was learning the game, playing the free heroes, then, 2.0 happened and I got 1/3 of all the heroes for free. I tried a few and then, I tried Nazeebo and I fell in love.

He was what the Witch Doctor in D3 should have been. He was an easy hero to learn, a very basic kit, fun spells and in a way it forced me to lane and kill minions (I was new and I didn’t know that exp was so important but Naz forcing me to soak was a good call)

I felt that Naz was op (in comparison with other heroes at that time) maybe because I was low level and I was in match with also low level players (mostly as new as I was) and Naz was very strong vs those type of players.

At that time I played all his builds and tried all his talents. Spiders was my call in quick match and Frogs in my first ranked games… this was all that year. The game was releasing new heroes each month and making changes.

The game changed and I changed and learned more about it and:

Today I see my heroes and I have a level 40 Naz that I never play. I tried him a few times in the last month but I feel that he is underperforming so much (before 20). This is my feeling:


He is a bad solo lane hero. He starts with mana problems and low hp, easy to kill in the solo, no hp self healing and forced to drink for mana vert often. He deals fake damage and with so many self-healing heroes today and good healers, and the meta with stun and burst kills, Fake damage is not the best type of damage. He needs stacks so at 20 he can start dealing enough fake damage to become a dangerous hero.

I can understand that some heroes are late game heroes. But a quest and 20 makes Naz a problem for his team a lot of the time. Morale will be low if the team is losing every objective because Naz needs to go and kill minions, and he needs more levels and stacks and abilities to kill a wave than many other heroes that can outsoak Naz very easily. Etc.

Today when I play Quick match I don’t pick Naz because I prefer a Nazeebo as an enemy (Almost always a win for my team) and In ranked most of the time he is not a good call at all and u must be prepared to be flamed all the early game if your team is mediocre.

Also the other day I was watching Fan stream and he was playing Naz (because he was asked) and was repeating how bad he is.

I feel that he is, today, in the “very weak heroes” list and he needs some minor changes, like for example the range level 1 talent being added to his kit or 2 stacks of Spiders or More base HP and mana and less HP and Mana gained for each quest stack.

What do you Think?

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