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Nazeebo Rework Concept (with Analysis & Even Weirder Ideas Below)

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Nazeebo Rework Concept (with Analysis & Even Weirder Ideas Below)

TXzBGQH - Nazeebo Rework Concept (with Analysis & Even Weirder Ideas Below)

Had formatted to look like an official patch, but I'll just add the whole thing below as well.

A Few Words

Had been discussing Nazeebo a bit recently after seeing Fan's tier list and commenting he's pretty good on Tomb of the Spider Queen (


I love weird heroes, but even though I stand up for Naz as not a lesser version of any other hero, his kit ain't too fresh and he's undertuned atm, also supported by statistics. About as strong as some popular heroes, but still. I must also admit his kit is pretty slow. You gain health and mana to last long, you deal lots of damage over time, you prefer your battles to be static, you spend a lot of time in lanes to stack. Should be less dependent on comps, maps, PvE.

So I couldn't help but be carried away conceptin' knowings it's probably only meant for my own amusement and to get a couple good discussions and other ideas.

Also note, this is mostly food for thought. That's a lot of talents. And do skip to whichever part might sound interesting.

So, any thoughts? What would you change for Naz, as plain or crazy as that'd be?


  • Move power from frontline zoning & health/mana sustain to consistency & flexibility.
  • Nerf and cap Voodoo Ritual’s gains whilst adding more PvP elements. (Level 4 buffs needed?)
  • Add build & gameplay flexibility with talent cc, mixed ability talents, Basic Attack elements.
  • Give Spiders more infesting, lasting presence. Buff Hexed Crawlers but limit synergy.
  • Trade Toad damage and frontline pressure for accuracy, range and backline pressure.


Voodoo Ritual

  • Colored differently for Nazeebo in health bars to distinguish from other DoT effects.
  • Duration reduced from 6 to 5 seconds (also reducing damage).
  • Health gained reduced from 6 to 4.
  • Now caps at 200 stacks.
  • Basic Attacks now apply Voodoo Ritual to Heroes, who grant 5 stacks upon death.
  • Reward: After reaching 200 Stacks, Voodoo Ritual’s damage increases by 100% and Nazeebo’s Abilities also poison enemy Heroes.

Plague of Toads

  • Poison duration reduced from 6 to 5 seconds (also reducing damage).
  • Base speed reduced.
  • Toads now gain 15% explosion radius and hop distance after each hop, capping at 60%.
  • Base range increased to fit overall speed increase.

Talents (note: Non-mentioned talents aren't removed)

Level 1

Leaping Spiders (Renamed from Widowmakers)

  • New Functionality: Reward: After Corpse Spiders attack Heroes 100 times, they last 1 second longer and leap on their target for their first and final attacks.

Thing of the Deep

  • Renewed Functionality: Reward: After Basic Attacking Poisoned Heroes 30 times, increase the range of Nazeebo’s Basic Attacks and Abilities by 20%.

New Talent: Rain of Toads

  • 1.5 seconds after Corpse Spiders and Wall of Zombies land, a full-sized Toad drops on their location. Grants 1 Voodoo Ritual stack per Hero hit.

New Talent: Dreadful Toads

  • For every hop beyond the first, the explosion of Plague of Toads slows enemy Heroes by 10% for 2 seconds, up to 30%. Basic Attacks refresh this duration by .5 seconds.

Level 4

Hexed Crawlers

  • Renewed Functionality: Corpse spiders restore 1.25% of Nazeebo’s Health and Mana when they attack an enemy Hero, up to 15%. Only affects spiders summoned by Corpse Spiders.

Level 7

Spirit of Arachyr

  • Added Functionality: Hitting one enemy also extends corpse spider duration by 2 seconds if the initial target dies.

New Talent: Webbed Feet

  • Corpse Spiders gains 25% radius and creates a web that lasts 5 seconds, which slows enemies it contacts by 80%. For every Hero hit by Corpse Spiders, a spider is created when the effect ends.

Toads of Hugeness

  • Toads gain 30% Explosion Radius and 20% damage after each hop. Stacks up to 4 times.

New Talent: Piercing Toads

  • Toads pierce through the first enemy hit. After reaching maximum range, they hop three times towards Nazeebo.

Level 13

Guardian Toads (or Bad Medicine)

  • New Functionality: Hitting poisoned Heroes with Plague of Toads reduces their damage by 20% for 2 seconds. Basic Attacks refresh this duration by .5 seconds.

Ice Block

  • Removed.

New Talent: Spirit Walk

  • Become Invulnerable and control Nazeebo’s Spirit for 2 seconds, after which his body jumps to his spirit. As a spirit, you gain 30% movement speed and pass through obstacles. Recharges twice as fast if an enemy Hero is affected by Voodoo Ritual. 60 Second Cooldown.

New Talent: Jungle Groove

  • Activate to reduce the Attack Speed of enemy Heroes affected by Voodoo Ritual by 25% for 3 seconds. 60 Second Cooldown. Passive: Gain 7% Movement Speed for every Enemy Hero affected by Voodoo Ritual, up to 20%.

Level 16

Soul Harvest

  • Now also affects Basic Attack Damage.
  • Health and Spell Power gained increased to 8% at a maximum of 40%.

New Talent: Grasp of the Dead

  • Zombies gain 25% attack range and slow enemies hit by 60% for 1.5 seconds.

New Talent: Doctor’s Orders

  • Basic Attacks deal 150% bonus damage to enemies affected by Plague of Toads and reduce healing received by 50% for 2 seconds while the poison is in effect.

Level 20

Vile Infection

  • New Functionality: After gaining 200 Voodoo Ritual Stacks, Heroes affected by Voodoo Ritual for more than 5 seconds take 25% increased damage from Nazeebo.

New Talent: Infestation

  • Having hopped at least once, Toads summon a Corpse Spider when they hit an enemy Hero. Passive: When Nazeebo or enemy Heroes poisoned by Voodoo Ritual die, summon three Corpse Spiders at their location.



  • Nazeebo has slow damage, health to die more slowly, mana to keep casting more. Should nerf all that and make him a bit speedier… and fun?
  • How Voodoo Ritual interacts with Basic Attacks can change. Could not unlock Hero poisoning outside Basic Attacks, but have abilities refresh the poison duration baseline.
  • Spiders and Zombies look fine. Odd, but that’s good!
  • Toads have less raw damage but more speed, radius. They can actually catch up to the backline or fleeing heroes, who’ll need to dodge.

Level 1

  • Initially had bonus duration at level 1 Spiders, and leaping on Grasp of the Dead.
  • Rain of Toads is a zoning option without much synergy. Just cute ❤ 🐸.
  • Dreadful Toads was initially in the level 7 ‘weird’ category, but it’s less weird than Piercing toads. Had two new talents there, total 5 for level 7, so I moved it to level 1.

Level 4

  • The Hexed Crawlers change is key in not only making the talent about as good regardless of build, but also allowing for more spidery presence in other talents. Having the critters around wrecking havoc feels good thematically.
  • With nerfed, limited Voodoo Ritual stacks, level 4 is kinda nerfed. Buff them, or use that as an opportunity to nerf Nazeebo’s sustain?

Level 7

  • Webbed Feet adds cc, zoning. As opposed to Spirit of Arachyr, it’s a multi-hit talent. Could just add the slowing web to Spider Colony.
  • Piercing Toads is an odd one. Sounds hella fun. Lots of zoning over time. Could pierce all enemies for 50% damage, and explode after the three last hops. Could be too much with other toad talents.

Level 10

  • No ideas! I miss my butler, but heroics are in a good spot.

Level 13

Level 16

  • More spider hits via other talents synergize with Spider Colony, which is great for build diversity. Spider talents buff it, but you miss out on W and E talents. Provoking!
  • Soul Harvest doesn’t exist in a level 4 vacuum, if D is nerfed, it gets buffed. Can’t just write ‘Damage’ because Spell Power also affects self-heal (thought Big Voodoo was the best synergy?). Instead of “Health, Spell Power & Basic Attack Damage” it could be “Damage and Healing Received”… that’d be an even bigger buff! Outside heal-less QM.
  • Grasp of the Dead also helps Zombies reach small heroes in the circle you know. Also, Dead Rush synergy.
  • Doctor’s Orders can work in different ways, but meant to be about Basics anyway.

Level 20

  • This Vile Infection is more involved than just stacking, but can be more devastating.
  • Remember Infested Toads? Infestation has mixed talent synergy with a deathly finish. No they can’t all spawn Corpse Spiders. Back in the day this and Leaping Spiders were on the same tier. With our new fast spiders, it’d be too strong.

Weird Ideas Galore!

Different Voodoo Ritual Reward(s)

  • Voodoo Ritual could work differently, but also have different rewards. Say base damage & health was reduced, but Spirit Walk (Ice Block’s replacement) was unlocked at 100 or full 200 stacks, inspired by Jaina and Kel’Thuzad. Say he got the Diablo Poison Dart ability. Say stacking was removed altogether…?

Blood Ritual and Big Voodoo

  • Could gain PvP buffs. More healing vs Heroes, bonus stacks for takedowns that could be separate to normal capped stacking.

Level 4 – New Talent: Jungle Fortitude

  • Wall of Zombies gain 25 Spell Armor, and 50 Armor vs Non-Heroic sources. While near zombies, Nazeebo gains 50 Armor.

Level 13 – New Talent: Voodoo Mama

  • Being stunned, rooted or silenced grants Nazeebo 50 Armor for 3 seconds and spawns three untalented Corpse Spiders. This effect has a 10 second cooldown.

Level 20 – New Talent: Horrify

  • Increase the Movement Speed of Ravenous Spirit by 20%. If it lasts at least 2 seconds, nearby enemies are feared for 2 seconds when it ends. (can also make it a shared talent for both heroics somehow)

Level 20 – New Talent: Big Bag of Voodoo

  • Gain 20% Attack Speed. Every 3rd Basic Attack against heroes spawns a fully talented Corpse Spider, Zombie or Toad at your location, in that order, moving toward them.

Level 20 – New Talent: Voodoo Army

  • Summon an untalented copy of an enemy Hero at your location which lasts 10 seconds. The copy has 40% size, health and damage, 30% bonus Movement speed and can use its Q ability. 20 second cooldown. Passive: When you die, spawn and control a copy of Nazeebo for 10 seconds

Level 20 – New Talent: Grave Injustice

  • Whenever Minions and Mercenaries die under Voodoo Ritual, reduce your Basic and Heroic Ability cooldowns by 2 seconds, increased to 10 seconds vs Heroes.

Level 20 – New Talent: Sacrifice

  • Activate to receive 50% of your health as damage over 6 seconds. While active, you gain 30% Movement Speed and summon a fully talented corpse spider every .5 seconds. Passive: Upon Death, summon 5 Corpse Spiders.

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