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Nazeebo’s Hexed Crawlers & Spider Colony: On Synergy + Suggestions.

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Nazeebo's Hexed Crawlers & Spider Colony: On Synergy + Suggestions.

The max healing of Hexed Crawlers can range from 12% baseline to 20% total health with Spirit of Arachyr. I recommend buffing the base healing from 1% to 1.5% for a base max of 18%, and capping it at 20% to limit synergy.

But why is the current iteration an issue? First, a few words.

The Problem with Too Much Synergy

Synergy's lovely, feels great, but is problematic in excess. Which is why devs now have less of it and often use themed or mostly strict talent tiers. This design philosophy combats a few issues.

  1. It prevents players from neglecting aspects of their hero, that can lead to tanks/healers picking sustain every chance, passive healers, or ignoring abilities (see old All Shall Burn).
  2. It conserves role/thematic identity, as you can't, say, turn your ranged assassin into a tank. We also got more interactive, thematic talents. Valla has no Stoneskin but gets her sustain via her hateful assault.
  3. Too much synergy value means less thought in building, because you pick the build package, not individual talents, that fit a situation. Plus, skipping on a synergistic build altogether would feel kinda meh.
  4. It tends to be simpleminded, unlike ability/talent synergy based on the allied and enemy comps.
  5. But most importantly, synergistic talents are balanced around synergy. They're not in a themed tier vacuum. To have such fantastic combinations means the same talents are second-rate in other builds, further limiting freedom.

Spider Trouble

Big Voodoo gives big stats health over time and great anti-burst. Blood Ritual is slower, but instantly buffs your lane longevity and snacks on summons like Beetles. Hexed Crawlers patches up poke in large chunks, depends on a skillshot, shines on smaller scale battles, and works just fine away from lanes… But who'd honestly tell me "Q build" isn't the highlight?

And therein lies the problem. The chief reason to pick Crawlers isn't based on function or comp. If you build Q, it's great. If you don't get Arachyr but want Hexed Crawlers, you're just getting a worse talent. The function is what you want, the balance no.

But what's the ideal max? 12% can't be balanced… wouldn't that make 20% OP? Let's say 20% is about fine.

The Suggestion

Again. 1.5% heal capped at 20%, max baseline heal is 18%. Arachyr wouldn't skyrocket to 30%, but add that extra 2%.


Thus we trade the admittedly cool feeling of "awww yeah, I just buffed that other talent by 66%!" for these perks.

  1. No second-rate talents! This is no longer the Q healing balanced around Arachyr.
  2. A cute dose of synergy that itself feels good, but isn't extreme.
  3. Design flexibility. Devs won't have to limit spiders with Hexed Crawlers in mind.

Good Design Colony

On the other side, Spider Colony has synergy with EVERY ability of Nazeebo's! But not in the same way. Arachyr buffs Colony, Colony buffs W and E. If you find the cc itself of Zombie wall really handy, but don't see yourself getting big combos, you can skip the Pool and even Dead Rush. Level 1, you get range for more accurate Qs and Ws, or your many Spiders/Toads? Options!

What about a pure Q Nazeebo though? Without single-ability synergy, Colony is neither balanced around Arachyr, nor do you miss out for skipping. Soul Harvest ups Q's devastation, and buffs Crawlers healing through max hp & spell power.

More Spider Bites… and Leaping Spiders?

Say Widowmakers and its flat bonus changed from +30% damage to +1 second duration (aka conditional +25%), with spiders leaping a minor distance for their final attack, maybe also first. Or no leaps, +1 second and -1 sec cd, whatever.

Point is, with Arachyr, that'd be +5% max healing for the current Crawlers, who'd need nerfs. But with it changed, we can have more arachnophobia! Why, with Crawlers capped per Q cast, we could even summon Spiders via other means.

This would also be another talent that synergizes with Spider Colony. Alone, Colony reduces cds by 3 seconds max. With Leaping +.75 seconds, with Arachyr +2, with both +3.25. Remember, the more you buff Colony, the more you miss on buffing the abilities it reduces the cd of. So making the best call takes a bit more thought… Which is the point.

Wrote this as I had lots to go into for Q, and talk on general talent design and synergy. For more Naz stuff, I've made a rework thread recently, heavily shrunk with Q ideas tweaked since release. Btw I didn't remove Rush, as the top comment assumed.

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