Heroes of the Storm

Need some help with the “Silver Meta”

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Need some help with the "Silver Meta"

Hey there. I'm fairly new to MOBAs and I never took HOTS very seriously. My friend was playing a bit some time ago and I reinstalled it. It was right the time where the QM matchmaking enforced tank+support+ranged assassin and I had some really balanced and fun games then, so I decided to learn the game more and eventually play ranked.

I read guides, watched a lot of videos (Kala community replay review ones are really good) and started to play ranked. I landed in Silver 4 and been bouncing between Bronze 1 and Silver 3. Sometimes I have really bad losing streaks, easily 7-8 in a row and it's not rare than in a day I end 3-12 or so.

I have internalized how important the macro game is, but at my rank, this is ignored by almost every player. However, I try to focus on it. Objective > Soaking Lanes > Merc Camps kind of priority. I focus on playing bruisers, but I flex if needed.

So the big problem I'm having is the constant arguments by players in the team who say that they will report me for "No teamfight". I am there for defense or for objectives, but I don't partake in those brawls happening somewhere else in the map. I'm wondering if maybe I should just join those fights then, because it's becoming a constant really.


I will give one example. In Infernal Shrine, I was the first at the objective and we eventually lost it. We then defended our fort (lost towers, but not the fort). Just one person died. The other three, after the infernal was down, started to chase the enemy team until their towers, fighting there, going back and forth. I went to soak a lane and take bottom and bottom-left siege camps. They wiped and a discussion erupted, blaming me and saying that I was going to be reported.

This is really rather common. I fight if needed, I rotate to get kills early game, etc. but I mostly focus on the macro game. So, again, I'm wondering if I should just partake in those fights or do as Kala says, ignore those idiots. My objective is to keep improving, so I don't want to blame other people for my losses, but again, I'm wondering if I should just forget the conventional play and play the "silver way".

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