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Needed Gazlowe nerfs will kill his AA build and the talents should get changes

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Needed Gazlowe nerfs will kill his AA build and the talents should get changes

I have been getting used to the new Gaz and have some thoughts on his weakest build, the auto attack build.

The rework looks to have been designed with three very specific builds in mind. A bomb build, turret build, and auto attack build. This lazor ability, being his primary sustain and important overall, has talents that support each of the mentioned builds.

Let's talk specifically about the auto attack build which currently works but only due to the inflated damage and health numbers. It has it's strength in the mid game but lacks reliable sustain in the early game and team fight survivability against ranged attacks specifically in the late game. Although the build can push the advantage in the mid game to snowball the late.

I will go over a few suggestions but I admit that it's hard to make meaningful talents with a Heroic that is basically a stat upgrade itself.

One Man Wrecking Crew>> – Casting Basic Abilities cause Gazlowe’s next Basic Attack within 6 seconds to deal 60% more damage. Stores up to 2 charges. If a Hero is hit with an empowered attack gain attack speed for x seconds.

  • To begin the build currently is very weak in the early game and the timer on the empowered attack weakens the talent a lot. It also doesn't build upon other talents later in the build. With added attack speed in the early game he will be able to better trade damage for health.

EZ-PZ Dimensional Ripper>> – Heroes and summons hit by Deth Lazor deal x% less damage for x seconds. Increase the healing of Deth Lazor against non-heroes from 25% to x%.

  • I changed this talent from an activatable to a W talent. Currently the talent is only decent against an aggressive melee hero as it can turn the engage around. What it doesn't do is a lot more, being that his sustain talents are on this tier it makes sense he might need something more then a small swing moment every fight. By changing it to a W talent is may be harder to hit against mobile melee heroes but it helps to boost sustain and will slightly help the against builds weakness to ranged heroes.

Master Blaster>> – Deth Lazor and Xplodium Charge Slow by 35% for 3. Rock-It! Turret Basic Attacks Dealing damage to the target extends the duration by 0.5 seconds.

  • This change is basically adding basic attacks to increasing the slow duration as well. It is most likely an unneeded change and might unbalance other talents but it could help with the reliability of the talent.


Robo-Goblin>> – Activate to become Unstoppable for 1.5 seconds and gain x Armor for x seconds.Passive: Basic Attacks deal 80 bonus damage over 5 seconds, stacks up to 3 times.

  • Robo doesn't feel meaningful as a Heroic and this change only marginally helps it in that direction. It also feels natural that if you would need to activate unstoppable you would want some armor in that moment. Of note is the armor aspect was taken away from EZ-PZ.

Positive Reinforcement>> – New Talent – A Q talent that could increase health and damage, or have turrets aoe damage when destroyed? The Auto attack build actually has diversity on this tier and a more generic talent that benefits AA build and turret build would be interesting.

  • It's pretty clear that the theme of this tier is talenting your turrets to compliment your build, but I don't think this talents idea is salvageable. Not only is the concept a bit unreliable but the effect of attack speed is actively de-synergized from the rest of the build and his effect comes in at a point in the game where attack speed will benefit less in the larger team fights. Therefore I rolled it into the early game where the effect can stand on it's own a bit better.

Overklock>> – Basic attacks grants 15% bonus Movement Speed for 2 seconds. Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes deals an additional 2.5% of their maximum Health in damage. If the Hero is Stunned or Slowed Gazlowe heals for the bonus damage.

  • This is just a simple idea to help sustain through late game larger team fights. If this was implemented I wouldn't want the change to Master Blaster to happen.

Mecha-Lord>> – Basic attacks against enemies with three stacks of Robo-Goblins bonus damage grants Gazlowe a x point Shield for x seconds that stacks x times. Passive: Basic attacks grant 15% bonus Movement Speed for 2 seconds.

  • Since I already used armor in the activatable I revamped the Heroic to still give sustainability and tied in the damage stacking nature of the ability. The change will also help make the presence of the talent better felt.

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