Heroes of the Storm

New Abathur thoughts and recommendations on [Builds/Tips/Comps]

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - New Abathur thoughts and recommendations on [Builds/Tips/Comps]

Monstrosity Build
Pressurized Glands
Needlespine or Prolific Dispersal
Hivemind or (Evolution Complete if successfully teamfighting with Monstrosity)

Evolution Build
Reinforced Carapace
Atk Speed or Prolific Dispersal

Non-meme Locust build aka "never go full Locust"
(use if already winning teamfights at level 13)
Reinforced Carapace
Prolific Dispersal/Atk Speed
Carapace (Mule on Warhead)
Bombard Strain
Locust Brood
Nest or Hivemind or Evolutionary Link


When in doubt, take the 3 carapace talents and Ultimate Evolution.

Level 1 Reinforced Carapace almost always best (except with Monstrosity Spike range is best).

If you don't have enough team damage, go double stab. If going double stab talents, Hivemind gives huge value/dps.

If going Locust, the first 2 carapace shield talents and Ultimate Evolution are a fantastic pairing, (you don't have to all in on locusts and mines… still need teamfight presence) so take the last 3 locust talents if already winning to get the final push into a keep with carapace buffed locusts (must remember to buff with shields if not taking locust health talent though).

If usually cloning a mobile melee assassin/tank, Volatile Mutation is great.

If your team is too squish and they die while not being babysat by hat shields when you clone, level 20 Evolutionary Link is a good solution for that feeder on your team/whoever if getting focused on your team.

If playing Warhead or Sky Temple, or with multiple pushers, Mule is great, otherwise Networked Carapace is usually better against a coordinated enemy that completes structure destruction.


If they have a Zeratul or Nova, Prolific Dispersal and sometimes Vile Nest is great, be reticent to double down on taking both unless memeing. The first talent for damage is funny for the couple of 100 to 0 kills you might get on an assassin, but mostly trash compared to more shields or greater spike range for teamfights.

If going Monstrosity, use the burrow relatively soon to waste enemy time. If you don't like Monstrosity, feel free to always go Evolution, viable on all maps. That said, surprisingly Monstrosity is sleeper OP at high levels on Braxis in the 4 man and Battlefield in the offlane. Also a surprise, Evolution definitively better on Warhead.


To enable max Abathur value and make up for one missing body, please pick characters with damage:
(Pick 2) High Sustained Damage Frontliners consisting of bruisers/offtanks/melee assassins, if you're confident in pumping out damage can also take a main tank
(Pick 1) Ranged Burst damage (absolutely required, can be either AA or a mage, not a primary hat target)
(Pick 1) last and very important, pick a Utility/DPS Support like

Two frontline with stuns/slows
Anub/Xul/Uther/Thrall/Kerri/Valeera/DVa/Artanis/Dehaka/Gazlowe(slowing turrets)/Cassia(Valkrie)

One big ranged damage with waveclear
Sylvanas(clone for trait)/Falstad/Raynor/Lunara/Fenix/Jaina/Mephisto/Nazeebo/Tracer/Chromie(with Xul)/Kael'thas

Utility/DPS support

Uther/Medivh are especially excellent or Li Li/Rehgar/Morales/Kharazim

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