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New Hero idea: The Followers of Diablo 3

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - New Hero idea: The Followers of Diablo 3

While trying to come to terms with the dissolution of the HGC I started playing Diablo 3 again pretty heavily for the first time in a few years. All that time spent with Kormac, Lyndon, and Eirena made me wish to have them around in hots too. I don't think any of them is worth being a hero by themselves, but together I think they'd be an interesting addition to the game. Each of them would fill a similar role to what they do in D3, Kormac is a tank/support, Lyndon is ranged damage with some minor CC, and Eirena is ranged damage with a lot of CC. While in the core their Basic Abilities are replaced with character select buttons, Kormac on Q, Lyndon on W, and Eirena on E and there's no cooldown on swapping, you just need to be in the core.

So let's start with the core feature of The Followers as a single hero, their trait which augments their Hearthstone, Town Portal. When pressing B they hearth as normal, but leave a Portal on the map where they left from as well as opening a portal in the core they can use to return through. While in the core you can change which character your controlling or just heal up and click the portal to go through the portal back to where you previously were on the map, or you can leave the core to go somewhere else. If you leave the core with a portal active it will deactivate after 10 seconds, and your hearth is unavailable if a portal is already active on the map. Portals do not grant vision and they immediately close behind you when used, so returning through them can be very dangerous if you left from a vulnerable position.

Now let's talk about the characters and their individual abilities:
Kormac the Templar
Health: 2500
Health regen: 5.35
Mana: –
Mana regen: –
Attack Speed: 1.43
Attack Damage: 71
Attack Range: 1.5
Attack DPS: 101.6
Unit Radius: .81

Basic Abilities:
Q – Heal: Heals Kormac and a nearby allied Hero for 15% of their max Health. Cooldown: 12 Seconds
W – Loyalty: (Passive Aura) Nearby Allied Heroes have their passive health regen increased by 100%
E – Charge: Charge an enemy, dealing 45 damage and stunning all nearby enemies for 1 second. Cooldown: 20 Seconds
R- Inpire: (Passive Aura) Nearby Allied Heroes gain increase resource regeneration (+4 Mana/sec, +8% rage generated, +1 energy/sec, etc…)

Lyndon the Scoundrel
Health: 1487
Health regen: 3.30
Mana: –
Mana regen: –
Attack Speed: 0.91
Attack Damage: 148.3
Attack Range: 6.5
Attack DPS: 135
Unit Radius: .75

Basic Abilities:
Q – Crippling Shot: Skill shot that deals 150 damage and slows the target by 60% decaying over 3 seconds. Cooldown 6 seconds
W – Dirty Fighting: Blinds enemies in a cone for 2 seconds. Cooldown: 11 seconds
E – Powered Shot: Skill shot that deals 75 damage to the target and all nearby enemies, stunning them for .25 seconds. Cooldown 12 seconds
R – Hysteria: (Passive Aura) Upon dealing damage to an enemy Hero activate an aura increasing attack speed by 10% for you and nearby allies for 3 seconds

Eirena the Enchantress
Health: 1835
Health regen: 3.83
Mana: –
Mana regen: –
Attack Speed: 1.2
Attack Damage: 100
Attack Range: 4
Attack DPS: 120
Unit Radius: .69

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Basic Abilities:
Q – Charm: Charms enemies in the target area forcing Mercs and Minions to fight for you and lowering the damage of enemy Heroes by 30% for 4 seconds (circular aoe similar to Malf's Moonfire). Cooldown 12 seconds
W – Missile Ward: (Passive Aura) Provides 10 Spell Armor to all nearby allies
E – Disorient: Stun enemies in the target area for 1.5 seconds (circular aoe similar to Jaina's Blizzard) Cooldown 16 seconds
R – Focused Mind: (Passive Aura) Provides 10% increased spell power for all nearby allies

And now we have their talents. The idea here is to have the player specialize for the Follower that's most needed by the team, so each talent tier will force the player to choose talents that effect only one of the followers.

Level 1:
Heavy Shield: Kormac gains 10 Spell Armor and every 8 seconds gains 50 Physical Armor against the next 3 enemy Hero Basic Attacks for 8 seconds. Charges will not be gained while stunned.
Thief's Charisma: Lyndon gains 1 stack of Bribe when hitting non-heroes with Basic Attacks. Gain 2 stacks of Bribe when hitting Heroes with Basic Attacks. Use 50 stacks to Bribe a Mercenary, instantly defeating them. Does not work on Bosses, Maximum of 200 stacks. If a camp is defeated entirely with Bribe they will deal 60% more damage, but the camp will take 50% longer to respawn.
Prophet's Chosen: Eirena's Basic Attacks slow the target by 20% and every 5th Basic Attack deals 250% damage as Spell Damage in an area around the target.


Level 4:
Intervene: Replaces Kormac's Heal Basic Ability. Taunt an enemy Hero forcing them to attack you for 3 seconds. (This is not a silence so they can still use abilities, but they are forced to move towards Kormac and Basic Attack him for the duration. Has a range of 4.) Cooldown 12 seconds
Poison Bolts: Replaces Lyndon's Crippling Shot Basic Ability. Skill shot that deals 150 damage and an additional 100 damage over 2 seconds. Cooldown 6 seconds
Forceful Push: Replaces Eirena's Charm Basic Ability. Summon an arcane explosion in a target area, dealing 200 damage and knocking all enemies away from the center of the blast. (circular aoe similar to Jaina's Blizzard) Cooldown 10 Seconds

Level 7:
Intimidate: Replaces Kormac's Loyalty Basic Ability. Enemies that hit Kormac are slowed by 60% decaying over 3 seconds. Enemies hit by Kormac are slowed by 20% for 2 seconds. These effects stack.
Vanish: Replaces Lyndon's Dirty Fighting Basic Ability. Lyndon vanishes in a cloud of smoke when taking damage below 50% health, becoming stealthed and healing 80 health per second for 5 seconds. Cooldown 20 seconds
Powered Armor: Replaces Eirena's Missile Ward Basic Ability. (Passive Aura) Provides 10 Armor to all nearby Allies and enemies that hit nearby allies are slowed by 20% for 2 seconds.

Level 10:
Improved Town Portal: Town Portal's cast time is reduced to 2 seconds and allied heroes can now use the portals.
Rare Upgrades: Kormac's Max Health is increased by 20%. Lyndon's Attack Damage is increased by 50% but his Attack Speed reduced by 25%. Eirena's Basic Attacks all deal Spell Damage and ignore Armor.
Allied Support: Upon dying open a Town Portal at your location. You can choose to take control of a different follower that is still alive, if any remain at the core. Respawn timers are increased by 50% if you choose to take control of a follower in this way.

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Level 13:
Onslaught: Replaces Kormac's Charge Basic Ability. Deliver a massive blow to an enemy dealing 350 physical damage to the target. Cooldown 12 seconds.
Multishot: Replaces Lyndon's Powered Shot Basic Ability. Lyndon's Basic Attacks can hit 2 additional targets.
Erosion: Replaces Eirena's Disorient Basic Ability. Conjures a pool of energy that deals 300 damage over 5 seconds. Afflicted enemies lose 15 Armor for 3 seconds. Cooldown 15 seconds

Level 16:
Guardian: Replaces Kormac's Inspire Basic Ability. Rush to an Ally's aid, dealing 150 damage to and knocking back nearby enemies and healing the target ally and Kormac for 30% of their max health. Cooldown 30 seconds
Anatomy: Replaces Lyndon's Hysteria Basic Ability. (Passive Aura) Increase damage done by nearby allies by 10%, Lyndon's Basic Attacks cause the target to lose 5 armor for 3 seconds, stacking up to 20.
Mass Control: Replaces Eirena's Focused Mind Basic Ability. Hex up to 5 enemies in the target area into Chickens for 2 seconds (preferring Heroes). (circular aoe similar to Azmodan's Globe of Annihilation) Cooldown 30 seconds

Level 20:
Red Portals: (requires Improved Town Portal) (Active ability) Create a portal leading to any allied unit or structure. Cooldown 60 seconds
Legendary Upgrades: (requires Rare Upgrades) Kormac becomes Unkillable and heals 50% of his max health over 5 seconds upon taking fatal damage. (cooldown 60 seconds) Lyndon gains all of his Basic Abilities. Eirena deals up to 50% increased damage the closer she is to her target.
Asheara's Vestments: (requires Allied Support) Summon all living Followers to your location after 1 second. Summoned Followers will not be under your control, but will attempt to follow your orders (ie they'll be AI but leashed to the one you're controlling). They will remain with you for up to 10 seconds before returning to the core. If the Follower you're controlling dies during this time you can take control of one of the others without penalty. If all three die during this time reduce their respawn timers to 10 seconds. Cooldown 80 seconds

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