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Nexus Compendium – Banners Added, and a Realm Rework!

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Nexus Compendium - Banners Added, and a Realm Rework!

Alongside the addition of Skin and Mount Tints earlier this year – it's now time for
banners - Nexus Compendium - Banners Added, and a Realm Rework!

Banners to also be shown on the site – and there's more than that!


The addition of Banners is pretty straightforward, as it follows the same logic as Skins and Mounts, in terms of site additions:

  • A Banners Overview page, listing all Banners
  • Individual Banner Pages for each of the Banners – some with Tints, some without.
  • References to Banners from Events, Realms and Universes.

Realm Rework

The idea for the rework of Subuniverses was triggered by the recent Craft Wars Event being equally based on Warcraft and StarCraft, and – previously – I was only able to tie it to a single primary Universe. Hence the name: Subuniverse. That is now changed, along with a few extra things:

  • A Realm can have two types: An independent Realm, or a splinter Subuniverse of a Universe. This, however, is merely a cosmetic detail.
  • The Realms listed at the Universes Overview have small icons to show their connected Universes.
  • Events, Skins, Mounts and Battlegrounds now show icons for all connected main Universes, as that can now be more than one.

I'm quite happy with how it turned out, and hope it'll make the navigation on the site a bit better – also in tying things together in the future.

Hogger, Winter Event and… the not-reveal

Naturally, Hogger and his Skins are also updated on the site, but – for the sake of THAT "REVEAL" LATELY: https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/jwhar0/nexus_compendium_just_got_updated_with_news_about/

It's funny how close some of it actually turned out to be, and – given that we're lacking a description of the Winter Event – I decided it was a good idea to add a bit of references to it, while also making sure the old pages were highlighting their, ahem, doubtful validity:


Of course, the other new stuff also has their pages, but those should be easy enough to find, but are a bit harder to compare to the "Revealed" ones.

…and there is more to come!

Just like I mentioned in the previous post, there are much more to come in the near future. For instance, this is being planned:

  • Showing Guide-references and the like.
  • Adding Hero-, Skin- and Cho'gall-specific Mounts to the Site!
  • Showing Chests tied to Events
  • … and much, much, more!

As always, I can also recommend following The Nexus Compendium on Twitter, where I do more frequent updates, rather than stockpiling them every once in a while like this – plus that the Weekly Free-to-Play Hero Rotations and Heroic Deals always gets posted there first. 😁

Anything else you feel is missing on the site? I'd love to hear your suggestions! ♥

Love, Gnub 💕

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